If you need to add custom fields for your employees, besides those that are already in the system, you can do this in the settings of the PeopleHR block - "Employee fields"

Edit fields
You can edit the existing fields in the employee profile. Change the name of groups, move already created fields into groups, hide or open them.

Create new groups and fields
You can create new groups about the employee's personal information, his interests, insurance information and other information blocks necessary for you.
When creating a new field, you need to do:
1. Select the group to which it will belong;
2. Select the field type, it can be:
rich text
multiple select
3. Name this field;
4. Write a "help" (there will be a description of what information needs to be filled in here, it will be written in small print under the field when filling in);
Let's look in detailed at the field types.
1. "Text" (in this field, the employee will have only one line available to fill in the information), there can be the address of your employees:

How it looks when created in the settings:

How it will be displayed for an employee when filling in:

2. "Checkbox", if there is a checkmark, the answer is "Yes", if it is not checked, the answer is "No":

3. "Date" field used if you need to specify a field with a specific date, you can specify only one day, not a long period:

4. "Rich text", if an employee needs to provide detailed information about something, this can be a field about his interests, or about his responsibilities:

5. "Number" is a field where you can specify a numeric value in a string (for example, an employee's Tax ID):

6. "File" is a field where you or an employee can add a file to an employee's profile on the personal page (these can be doc, pdf, jpg, png, etc. files type). Only one file can be added to one field, when adding an another, then the first will be replaced:

7. Select is the field where you can specify several answer options in the settings, of which an employee can indicate only one of them. For this all answer options must be registered in the column:

How it looks when created in the settings:

How it will be displayed for an employee when filling in:

8. Multiple select is a field where an employee can choose several answer options from those specified when creating this field. Answer options must also be written in the column:

Done! That's how you can configure and specify all the necessary information about the employee!
The visibility of these fields can be configured, like all the others, in the section "Permissions" in the general system settings.
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