Alerts creating

Using alerts you can additionally notify employees about a particular event in the company or the action taken by another employee.

In the Alerts section in settings you can add the necessary notifications and choose how they will be sent and to whom from the company they will be sent. You can receive notifications by email or in web-notification format (the Bell button 🔔 in the upper right corner).

How to add an alert
Click the Add button and select an alert type

You will see a menu of notification settings

Give the name to the alert
Specify where you want to receive these notifications, by email or by web notification. You can select both methods at the same time.
In the "Applies to the following employees..." field you must specify the employees you want to receive these notifications about. All employees will automatically be selected, but you can filter them if you want.
In the "Who receives notification..." field, you need to select the employees who will receive these notifications. If you need to select all employees, it will be quicker to do so by putting in all the locations your employees are tied to, or by department/employment type, etc.

In some settings, there will be an additional field called "Number of days before". Here, specify how many days in advance you want to be notified of the event. This applies to those events that depend on a specific date (e.g., birthday, anniversary, last day of work, etc.)

All other notifications, where there is no such field, you will receive after you certain actions which you have specified its type will be done.

Receiving an alert

When the notification is triggered by the type you have selected, you will receive an email with information on it, if you have chosen to receive it to an email address.
If the notification will be automatic (about holidays, the first or last working day of the employee, etc.), you will receive them on the specified dates from the next day in the morning.

Or you will receive the same alert to the bell in the system, if you chose the web notification.

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