Below you can find a short employee manual to familiarize yourself with the PeopleForce system 😊

Basic PeopleForce features
After logging into the system via the welcome email, you are taken to home page.
Here you can see news related to your company, there may also be short surveys. This is all on the right side of the page.

On the left side you can see celebrations, this includes events like birthdays and anniversaries of your colleagues πŸŽ‰

Below will be a block of useful links that have been added by the admin.

Important features can also be found in the page header
The first is the menu that opens when you click on your name in the right corner, here:
Link "Go to my profile" - through which your profile page will be opened.
Account setup - where you can change the account language for yourself, specify the time zone (important when assigning events in the profile), connect 2FA as needed, and add existing integrations.

Also, in the header of the page there is a button of quick actions, through which you can easily stay on the same page to perform a specific action that is available to you.
Through the quick search you can find your colleagues and go to their profiles, you can search by name, surname, mail, ID of the employee.
Bell πŸ”” is a box where you can keep track of notifications that concern you. To remove active notifications, you need to select them as read, you can do this selectively by opening the list of all notifications and selecting the necessary ones through checkboxes βœ…
Ideas widget πŸ’‘ here you will be able to submit your suggestions for the company, which will be viewed by other employees. You will also be able to see what ideas your colleagues have submitted and rate them!

Me section
The content of this section will depend on the modules connected to the account, the main of them will be available in tabs.
The most important ones are placed on the Review page.
The personal calendar page will also be available here by default. It differs from the company calendar in that only events that concern only you and not other employees will be available here.

Tasks section
By going to this section, you can find tasks that have been assigned to you, created by you, as well as your future and completed tasks.

You can create a new task by quick action button ⚑️

Through the "Complete task" button you will be able to notice that the task has already been completed, and the person who created it will receive a notification about this (if the task was created by you, you will not receive this notification). You can also return the completed task to the actual task by going to the list of completed tasks and clicking "Reopen task". This action will be saved in the task history.

Work with the PeopleHR module
You may receive a survey about your mood 😊 in a certain period of time when you log into your account.
Choose the option that works for you and optionally you can leave a comment to let colleagues know how you are feeling and reach out to you if needed 🦸🏻 πŸ¦ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈ
If there is a "skip" function, you can just ignore this survey.

Back to the home page where, in addition to the above functionality, you'll be able to see a widget with the types of absences available to you that you can submit here.
Below will be a block with the absence of your colleagues in the company, so you will be informed if any of your colleagues is not at work and for what reasons.

Information will be available to you on the actual tasks assigned to you.
Your mood report (if you didn't skip the survey)
List of events in the near future
Your leave requests
If you have no subordinates, here will be a list of only your requests that you have created recently.
If you have subordinates, their requests that you need to approve will also be displayed here.

In the company calendar you can see all the events happening in your company!
You can also see which days your colleagues are absent and for what reasons. You can apply filters to see information on the data you are interested in.

In the Schedule tab you can see information with absences, working days, weekends and holidays in the form of a table.

On this page, you can view the profiles of all the employees of your company!
View basic information about them that will be available to you. Click on your colleague's profile to go to their page and view their information.
You can search by employee and filter them.

In the upper right corner you can go to "Team " (if it's available to you and formed) and view the teams with different employees.

Then there is org chart page - here you can see hierarchy by employees in your company and information by departments.

Assets (may be available for certain categories of employees)
If the Assets section is available to you, you can view or even create company assets here, know who is using them and manage company assets.

Knowledge Base
Here you can find useful articles and general information created for you by managers πŸ€“
Be sure to check out the information available to you here!

The "Reports" and "Settings" sections are optionally available to employees. If you need them, contact your account administrator.

What can you see on your profile? πŸ€”
Go to your profile by clicking on the name in the left corner, or by clicking on "Go to my profile" through the menu in the right corner.
On the home page you will be able to add your photo, if it hasn't been added before, your job data and necessary data will be available in the panel on the left. Below are blocks about your supervisor, a list of your subordinates, the teams to which you have been added, and links to your position in the org chart.

Next, let's look at the tabs in your profile. In the Personal tab you can enter the necessary data that you have the opportunity to edit (you will have an active "Edit" button next to these blocks)
Or read the ones you've already filled in.

If you want to change some details of your profile, but you do not have such an opportunity, please, contact the admin of your account.

The Job tab will have information about your position, your supervisor, location, employment and compensation (optional), etc.

On the Time off tab you will be able to see a general list of the types of absences available to you, the history of your requests and below will be available the accrual history for each policy, so you can see the accrual rules that are valid in your company.

How to deal with your requests you can see here.

On Documents tab you'll find documents related to you (the section may be hidden).

In the Tasks tab you will be able to see a general list of completed and uncompleted tasks and find the necessary ones by keywords.

Under the More button you can find the following sections (optional)
Assets - a list of assets assigned to you;
Emergency - contacts of your relatives and friends, who can be contacted by your colleagues in case of emergency (viewing of such contacts is set by the admin);
Children - you can add information about your children here if you wish or upon request;
Notes - notes about you.

If there are other modules available for your account, you can find out how to work with them by clicking here ℹ️
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