Below you can read a short employee manual to get familiar with the Survey module 😊

Your company can take surveys in PeopleForce, it helps you get closer to your employees, increase engagement, measure job satisfaction, assess efficiency and productivity, and get feedback on your company culture. And you can be part of that survey! 🤩

When the survey starts you'll be notified by email with a link to start it.

Important: Do not pass on the survey link to other employees to fill it. The survey link is generated for each person individually, with a personal link to the survey.

The survey may or may not be anonymous, and this should be noted in the email about the survey, or on the survey home page (if this information is not listed, you can ask the colleague who created survey about it).

When taking the survey, we can get the following types of questions: rating question, single select, multiple choice, text answer.
Below is an example of a short survey with all types of questions:

Where can I find the survey?
You can go to the survey from an email that comes automatically to your inbox.
Through Me section, on the Overview tab
In Slack bot, if you have integration enabled (more details here)

Can I take the survey in multiple steps?
Yes, if you close the survey page, you can re-open it through Me section, you will automatically be taken to the page you stopped at the time you took the survey.

Can I go back and change my response?
No. Be careful when you fill out your answers, because you won't be able to change them once you've moved on to the next question.

Will my answers be available to all employees?
Usually the results of the survey are only available to the employees responsible for them. But this question is optional, based on your company policy the results can be shared, you can check with your manager.

Did you answer all the questions? Congratulations! 🎉

Colleagues will be able to analyze your answers and your colleagues to make the company even better for you! ❤️
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