Employee import into the PeopleForce system

A quick manual on how to properly import employees into the system

You can download the file (template) from the link in formats .csv and xlsx.

To start working with import, you need to fill the file correctly. Valid formats are .csv and xlsx.

Example of filling a file:

The following fields are available for automatic loading:

employee_id - Employee ID
first_name - Employee first name
middle_name - Employee middle name
last_name - Employee last name
email - Working email
personal_email - Personal email
date_of_birth - Date of birth
gender - Gender
hired_on - Hiring date
phone_number - Work phone number
mobile_number - Personal phone number
employment_type - Type of employment
position - Position
department - Department
division - Division
location - Location
facebook_url - Facebook link
linkedin_url - Linkedin link
twitter_username - Twitter username
skype_username - Skype username
slack_username - Slack username
salary_amount - Amount of compensation
salary_currency_code - Currency code of compensation
salary_frequency - Frequency of compensation. Can be month/year/hour/week/day
salary_effective_on - The date from which salary is valid
skills - Employee skills
reporting_to_employee_id - Chief's ID
access - System access ( 0 - disabled, 1 - enabled )

Please note that when importing departments, sub-departments will not be automatically lined up. After data loading, you can independently build the department tree in the settings.

Also, in the system is available import of custom fields. These are special fields in employee cards that are not included in the standard ones, but if necessary, you can add your own. In order for the information from the template to be transferred to the employee card, you need:

Go to settings, section "Fields of employees" and create a new field.
After that, click on the edit icon for this field and copy the Uuid code.

Add this code as a column header in the employee import template and fill in the information for this field for employees.

It is important to choose the format of the delimiters when saving in CSV format. It's a coma.

Open Settings and go to Import.

Don't see the Settings or Import section? You may not have access to it. 🔒 Contact your system manager to find out more.

Choose the desired file to download it.

By scrolling down, you can see the download history of each file. Also, how many employees were successfully imported into the system, were there any boot errors, or were some employees missed due to duplication. Open the log and see why some of the entries might not import.

Attention! To avoid errors, check the correctness of filling and the formats of the following fields: date formats (DD.MM.YYYY, DD / MM / YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD), phone number (+380), presence of name / surname, mail.

In case of data filling error

Everything is fairly straightforward. There is no option to Delete previous uploaded files. You need to correct the same file. Replace the incorrect text with correct data and upload the updated file (point 3).
Duplicates will remain with the same data, the lines with errors will be updated.
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