Integrating your account with Google Calendar and scheduling interview

This article will guide you through setting up Google Calendar integration for easier scheduling of interviews. Recruiters should integrate their personal calendars and PeopleForce will automatically create a Google Calendar event for them and invite your interviewers and candidate.

It's only the recruiter (the person scheduling the interview) who needs to integrate account with Google Calendar for creating event automatically. PeopleForce will invite your interviwers based on their work emails in PeopleForce account.

How to conect Google Calendar

Go to Account. In the Add integrations block find Google Calendar and click on the icon

Step 1.

You will be suggested to select an account for integration.

Step 2.
If you not logged in to any Google account in your web browser you will need to login first.

After your account is added, you will see it in your active integrations.

How to Use

Open a candidate that you want to schedule interview with. Proceed scheduling interview as usual, there's no additional steps. PeopleForce will automatically create event on your behalf and invite interviewers.

You can optionally invite candidate to event by enabling checkbox "Invite candidate"

Step 1.

You event will display in your calendar almost immediately.

Step 2.

If you change date or time Google account calendar invitation will be automatically updated. Syncing data and displaying changes might take time, so try to avoid changing event multiple times in a row.
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