Holiday Policies

This article will walk you through adding and creating public and custom holidays in the system.

Adding holidays

To add holidays to the system, go to Settings on the left panel - section Core - "Holiday Policies".

A new window will open and you can add a holiday location by clicking Add on the right side of the screen. Next, you need to specify the name and select the country to which the policy will be attached.

Now, to go to the addition and creation of holidays on the created location - click on the name of the policy. You will see the calendar for this year. To pull up all public holidays by location, click "Download latest ".

If the holidays for the specified country have not been updated - contact the support chat and we will add them.

Creating and observing holidays

To create your holiday in the system, click on the button " New holiday " in the right corner. Then you need to specify:

whether this holiday counts as a working holiday (if so, just check the Working holiday box)
specify the name of the holiday
Select date of the holiday

Also, in the case when the holiday is not working, the system has the ability to specify:

Replacement of a day off - to which day, instead of the specified holiday date, the day off will be observed for the employees.
Replacement of working day - on which day the employees will work the given day off.

Edit a holiday

To edit a holiday already added to the calendar, expand the list of holidays under the desired month and click on it.

Depending on which holidays you have added to the system, they will be marked with different colors on the calendar:

Once all the holidays in the system are configured, you need to link them to the location. To do this, go to Settings - Locations - Edit - add the holiday policy to the selected location.

After setting up the holidays, make sure that the employee profile Work tab specifies the location so that they will be displayed when you request a leave
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