On the Home page, you will have a widget where you can request vacation leave, sick leave or other absences from work.
It is necessary to request a leave at least 5 days before the expected absence so that the HR department has time to spend it in the 1C system.
The request can be made in your profile on the main page.

1) Click on the "Request Time Off" button
2) Select the absence type from the drop-down list.

3) Check if the selected days are correct.
Additionally, you can write a description for your absence so that the confirming people know why you will not be at work.
Attach a document to your request, if necessary.

4) After completing the request the system will transfer you to your personal page, where you can find all your requests, including the one you just created.
On this page, you can cancel your request if your plans change. You can do this before the requested days have been approved.

5) You can open your request to track the status of the approval. When you open it, you can see the entire list of approves, as well as the comments that are left by the confirming employees.

7) After all confirming staff accepts your request, you will receive a leave approval letter by e-mail.

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