Home Page

This is the page which employee sees after he/she logs in into the system.

The first widget is Leave Balances. All Leave Types that you have at the company will be displayed here. Any employee can request a leave from this Home Page page, or from his/her Personal profile.

You can choose different Leave types, also days of absence, and additionally leave a note. The request will be sent to the employee who is responsible for approvals. All approvers can be chosen in Leave Policy Settings and assigned to the team.

It is also possible to allow attachments here, so you can attach a document. It is also possible to request not a whole day, but several hours.

On Home Page you can also see the widget Who's Out and there will be all employees who is out of the office today/next 3 days/next 7 days.
Next one is Celebrations, this is a widget with upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries. This information we have in employees's profiles and they also will be listed in HR Calendar.
Probations ending widget will show you all employees with probation endings within next 30 days. This information is visible just for Admins and employees will not see this, but you can set up permissions if you want to show this tab.
Company links are usually used for employees to have a quick access to important web pages, documents, educational information, company's social media or company's open vacancies.

On the right side of the Home Page you can see Announcement and Polls.
You can create your news feed inside of your account and use different types of filters, where you can choose to whom you want to send such announcements.. You also can attach there videos, documents, presentations, images and create tables.

It is also possible to notify your employees by email and Slack (if they have Slack Bot enabled).

Employees can leave a reactions or comments on the announcements posted.

At the top, you can see the Notifications button. Here you will see all the standard notifications that PeopleForce send to employees about their Leave requests approvals, announcements posted, tasks, etc.

Take a look at the Idea Box, where you can write your idea and post it for review by HR and management.. The ideas can be viewed by clicking “View all”. You can 'Like" an idea, see who posted it and leave a comment.

Next, we go to the Me tab on a sidebar. Here, in the first Overview tab, you can see all the activities that assigned to you in your PeopleForce account:

All requests for your approval
Your mood tracker
Tasks assigned
Agenda the future 1-on-1s
All objectives assigned
Running review cycles tasks

The Calendar tab, where you can find all the events which are created in PeopleForce. Holidays, days off, 1-on-1s, interviews and other event will be listed there. You can also choose to view your calendar, or the events of your Direct Reports.

The view of the calendar can also be set in the format of a month, week, day. You can integrate your PeopleForce calendar with your working calendar (please copy to synchronize all the events).

Performance tab with information about 1-on-1 meetings, OKRs and Reviews.

The Interview tab will show you the information about scheduled interviews in which you participate in. You can view scheduled and completed interviews and filter them by date.


Onboarding, offboarding, candidates and manually created tasks will be shown here. You can filter them and see those that have been created by you, those that have been assigned to you; you can also see completed tasks or tasks for the future.

You can create a task in this tab, attach instructions, document, video, whatever you want, and choose who you want to assign this task to. Here you also need to select a deadline - select the time until which the task should be completed.

HR Calendar

Next, we move on to the Calendar tab that shows information about activities of the entire company.

On the first page, you can see all types of events that are in this calendar - these are:
All Leave types
The first and the last working days of the employee
Public holidays for all locations in your account
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Custom events

You can choose whatever event you want and also check it with particular group of people which is also could be chosen in filter below.


You can also view the calendar for a month, week, day, or open it as an agenda.

In the second Schedule tab, you can see days off for all the employees (approved and pending). This schedule can be exported in PDF format.


Next comes the most important tab – the Directory. Here you can find employees' database with their personal, contact and working information. Using the “Filter” button, you can find anyone by name, email, department, location or division.

You can open the advanced filter, and you will have additional fields, such as: Type of employment, Reporting to (manager), Skills and any custom field which is created in your employee profile template. You can also filter employees by active, inactive (already terminated employees).

Org Chart is also available in this tab and there we have two types of view of org.chats.

Employees Org. Chart

Just put in each employee's record needed manager and this Org.Chart will be built correctly and will look like following:

Departments Org. Chart

The relationship between all departments should be built in Departments settings. You can choose which department should be on the top of your chart and which will be children departments. Also choose head for each of them to visualize better your Department Org Chart for your employees.

Both Org. Charts could be expanded, collapsed and exported in PDF.

You can also create a new employee in this tab. To do this, you need to fill in only three fields which marked as required and when the card is created, the employee will be able to fill in the rest of information on his / her own, or you can do everything by yourself.

Select “Send welcome email”, so the new employee will receive a welcome email with a link to sign in to his / her account and create a password.

Employee's Profile
The first thing that is available to us here is personal information such as:
Personal group
Contact Group
Social Media Group
Licenses & certifications

These are all default groups with default fields but you create custom fields in Employee Fields option in HR Settings.

Also you will be able to disable employee Self-Service access, send welcome email and send a Reset Password.
Important: the link to resent password will be valid 24 hours.

On the left side will be contact, working information and information about reporting to and subordinates.

In the Job tab, you can find all the information on the employee’s hire date, probation ending, Employment Status, Positions and Compensations.
You can also track the history of employees promotions by adding new records in each of this widgets and put Effective from date.

Each employee has the Time Off tab. Here you will have access to all his / her leave balances, previous requests, those that are now in approved and pending statuses.

Below is the history of accrual of his / her vacation and sick leaves, so that you can verify the data, and no one has any questions about the accrual and use of sick or vacations leaves.

In Documents tab you can upload documents and files snd also generate then with templates that you can add in settings. They can be grouped into folders and add any files in any format.

Next one is the Tasks tab. The same tasks that the employee has on the home page will be displayed here.

In the Assets tab, you can add equipment of the company that is issued to the employee. Here you can choose when the property was issued and when the employee should return it back.

In the Emergency contacts tab, enter the contact details of relatives or the person whom you can call if the employee does not show up at the office or does not get in touch.

In the Children tab, you can indicate children of the employees, specify their names, dates of birth, display age and specify the number of children. You can also see information on them in the reports.

You can leave the Notes for the employee and hide their visibility, giving access only to the manager (or by configuring any other access that is acceptable to you). Tag people whom you want to send the Note about employee.
Keep in mind: tagged employee should have an access to this employee's notes. You can check it in Permissions.

Also, the employee can be terminated directly from his / her card. You need to click on three dots in the right corner, then select “Terminate employee”.
It's a simple process where you need to choose:
*Last working day
Termination Reason
Termination Type
Comment (if needed)
How would you like to handle employees reporting to....


Here you can create all kinds of property that you have in the company. You can filter assets by category, departments, divisions, locations and assigned to.

You can also add any asset here. When creating, you need to specify the Asset code, name, category and location, if you need, you can enter the serial number, price, warranty period and comment. After that, when you open any asset, the system generates a QR code that you can scan and view all the information.

Also it's a comfortable way to find any asset with a key word.

You can assign the asset to employee from the Asset Details Page or from employee Personal Profile/Assets tab

Knowledge base

In this tab you can create Categories and Articles belong to them and then share it with your employees.
What can be posted there?

Company Policies
Holiday and Leave Policies
Important information about the company
Videos and Images
Educational information
Document templates and presentations

Also twhen you create any Category or Article you can set up permissions for employees and basically split your Knowledge Base between all company parts.


Here you can view reports on all the data available in the system. You can generate any report on personal information of the employees, on salaries, working hours, holidays used, holidays balances, assets and on the number of employees, etc. You will have reports available for each connected unit.

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