Integration with Slack bot

In this article you will learn how the integration works, how to add a bot and when the notifications will come.

Preparing a Slack channel

First, decide in which channel you want to receive notifications: an existing channel or do you want to create a separate one?
Once you've decided on a channel, make sure you have permissions to add integrations to your corporate Slack. After that, you can start integrating the bot.

Account Integration

Go to Settings - Integrations and click the Slack icon.

You will be automatically redirected to either the Slack sign-in page in your browser, or directly to the bot's page in your channel.

If you are redirected to the login page, log in to your account to continue. After successfully logging in, you will open a page where you can read the bot's permissions and choose which channel to add it to.

In the drop-down list, select the channel in which the bot should send messages. The bot can be added to a private or public channel.

⚠ If you see a note that the app has not yet been reviewed and approved by the Slack team, don't worry, it was just published recently and the notice will go away soon.

After successfully adding a bot to the channel, you will be redirected back to PeopleForce where you can make individual bot settings.

Your selected Slack channel will display the following message stating that you have added an integration:

Adding a bot

The next step is to select "Add Apps". In the opened window, you will need to add the PeopleForce app.


After successfully adding a bot, you will see a message in the chat that you have added a bot to the channel. Now you can move on to setting up your notifications.

Notification settings

In your PeopleForce account, go to Settings - Integrations.
If the bot was added successfully, you will be able to edit the settings in the Productivity section.

Click on Edit. You will get a window where you can turn the bot on or off, choose the time when notifications to the channel will come (using the time zone from the company settings), the message language and days. You can select all, remove weekends or leave only the days you need.

Save your changes.

Deleting the bot

To remove the bot, first remove the integration from PeopleForce by clicking on the red button in the bot settings block (Settings - Integration).

In the window that appears, confirm the deletion. The bot's settings will be removed from your integration page.

Then in the Slack sidebar, delete apps from your account.

Also go to Application and delete the bot.
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