Version 1.4.0.
Release date: 23.09.2021

Update of existing integrations and new supported job site!

Some of the sites got updated parsing and now it saves more information into respective fields.
For example, job experience will be scraped into Experience tab in candidate profile (we updated design for better readability, check it out!), education is added into the Education tab, different information added by candidate, such as key info, additionally and etc. is added into tab Text.
This change affected following job sites: (both vacancy applications and candidates database)
LinkedIn (user profiles) (candidates database)
HeadHunter (both vacancy applications and candidates database)

Added support for one more job site: SuperJob
Supported both, and, now allows parsing from Candidates Database such information:
Full name of the candidate
Phone Number
Source Link
Desired Position
Work Experience
Key info

Access to user manual in one click
Added an easy-to-access button to help users learn how to use extensions. It opens a section in PeopleForce Knowledge Base with articles that cover working with Prospector.

New button to keep users up-to-date with Prospector changes
Clicking it will open the freshest Release notes in a new tab of the browser.
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