Version 1.4.3.
Release date: 08.02.2022

🚧 LinkedIn parsing is not working due to recent LinkedIn design updates. Our team is aware of this issue and currently it is a high priority item that we are trying to resolve.

Editing existing candidates from plugin

Users with Manage permissions on a candidates from now on can edit main info about candidate if Prospector found a match or user trying to save candidate that already exists.

If prospector found a similar candidate by name or link user will see blue edit icon on the candidate that will take you to edit their profile.
If you trying to save new candidate and PeopleForce finds that a candidate with same email that already exists in candidates database user will be prompted to decide if they want to edit existing candidate.

Drag and drop plugin around the page

Plugin now can be moved across page, so users can get a better view on some information.

Better matching of sources based on name

PeopleForce Prospector will try to automatically match candidate source to the website. For example, if company already have a source named, it will be set automatically to save recruiters time.

Other changes

LDAP login is now fully supported. If company uses LDAP users will be asked to enter LDAP username and password.
Visual improvements of style: refreshed design and better fonts.
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