In the Surveys tab, you can create a survey for all company or choose the group of employees with filters. You need to go to the Settings tab beforehand.
The first thing to do is to set a minimum data visibility. This will mean the minimum number of responses to be collected in the anonymous survey, so that you can analyze them and see the results.
Below you write the message that your employees will see when they click the “Take survey” button on their email.

The Drivers tab is the groups you want to categorize your questions and measure the business by, for example, engagement, feedback, attitude with colleagues, attitude with managers, etc. You can also create a new driver.

You can create it by clicking on the Survey tab. Name it, choose a language, add whether it will be anonymous. This will include the name of the sender (the person from whom your employees will receive an email with the link to syrvey), the subject and the content.

After you save a draft of the survey, you can set up a launch plan, specify exactly when the survey will be sent to your employees. You’ll need to choose a start and end date and time. Also, in order to get the high Response Rate you can add a reminder to employees who haven’t responded to the survey.

It is recommended to put a reminder in the middle of the survey and closer to the end of the survey - for example, on the last day.

Then we go to the tab Design, where you can create separate individual sections with the questions.

Once you have created a section, you can add questions to it. There are 5 types of questions that you can create:

Single select
Multiple choice

Rating questions have scales from one to five, where 1 is the lowest score and 5 is the the highest one. The system already has scales templates that can be used or you can create your own in the section Setting - Rating scales.

Participants tab will allow you to choose the group of employees whom you want to sent the survey. Use flexible filters to assign the survey.
Then you will have an ability to Preview your survey before sending it. Once everything is ready - press Publish.

You will immediately receive the results in real time once your employees starts to submit the survey.
Each survey can be exported in CSV/Excel/PDF formats.

Statistics show the summary score for each question. It means that this is the number of positive responses given. As long as we strive for positive results, this survey is based on the positive responses.

Further we will talk about the review of the Drivers.
It will be possible to open each of these groups and see all questions which are associated with these Drivers their results.

If the Survey is anonymous, you will be able to filter whole Survey/Drivers/Questions/Comments, see results according to:

Employment Status
Years of Services

This is necessary to understand where all the answers came from. You can also check the results for each question using filters. Filters help you to understand which departments and employees are more satisfied than others, especially if the company is large.

There is also an Score grid where you can work with results even more. You can select department, and in this department you can select a certain position and see how your employees responded. All of the filters can be combined to increase the number of details displayed.

You can also see the comments on each of the topics you've created. All comments can also be exported to CSV/Excel format.

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