Version 1.10
Release date: 08/12/2021

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Zapier integration

Added integration with Zapier ⚡. Now users can use following triggers to create zaps:
New employee added
Employee terminated
Leave request approved
Leave request rejected
Candidate added

Zapier integration is available upon request, for now. If you would like to try it - contact support.


Custom reports and forms permission have a new option now: employee attribute. It allows selecting any field from the employee details page and creating a rule based on the type of field. For example, if there’s a need for the report to be available to people of a particular grade, that is a custom field in employee profile it’s possible to create a rule that grade must be a specific level to access the custom report made.
Employee reference fields are now a part of the Employee attribute field.
Added AND/OR logic switcher, where AND, for example, allows selecting everyone who belongs to the IT department in Kyiv, when OR would select everyone from the IT department and everyone from Kyiv.

Example of using filters

Changes to leave policies: update of leave policy settings, allowance periods, update to the leave page of employee profile with fresher leave type card look.

Added possibility to see widgets of employees ending probation on Dashboard if user has permission to manage Probations.


New report: Time to disqualify
Update to report Vacancy statistics: renamed to Pipeline statistics, with option to view grouped by recruiter or by vacancy.

Recruiting permission improvements:
new permission to edit candidates. Now more options are possible, for example when you can view or edit candidates from your vacancy, from all vacancies or all candidates from a database.
separate permission to manage offers, where if a user has it disabled they still can see offer status and name, but can’t view content or offer or download it, or create and send it.

New permissions: edit canidates, manage offers
Auto-replies for when a candidate applies via careers site that allows sending email confirmation.

Added new type of applicant and vacancy custom field: Employee reference field.

For interviews if integrated with google calendar the applicant should be added to the google calendar invitation too if checked to be included


Changed events to support being split over several days. Now custom events in the calendar have start and end dates.

Added .xlsx export to objectives index page

Possibility to create/update candidate's custom fields via API

Fixed: Missing options to edit/delete event in the calendar
Fixed: Error when enabling HR bots
Fixed: Option to underline in candidate notes wasn’t working
Fixed: Filters in announcements weren’t working when editing
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