Version 1.11
Release date: 03/01/2021

You can learn how to run your first 360 in our article

Introducing flexible reviews and 360:

360 reviews are different from previously added 180 since 360 performance reviews additionally include peers and upwards (where subordinates evaluate manager) reviews.

We have made it possible for companies to select various flexible combinations of participants for the assessment. You can invite all four of them — self, manager, peers, and upwards — to start a full 360 review cycle. But if you only need to select the self and manager for the classic 180 assessment, you can still do that. As for peers, they can be nominated by employees and optionally approved by their manager, selected by manager or HR or selected by HR.

Choosing sides that will take part in the review

New question template type was also introduced: general question template. It can be used to create question templates for peers or upwards reviews.

Selecting employees for the cycle has more options now: creators can select based on many attributes such as hire date, for example, to avoid people recently hired, as they don't have much history to be evaluated.

New selection of participants

Added integration with Slack: your participants will be notified of review starting, peers waiting for approvals (for reviews with peer configurations with required approvals) and nudges.

Nudges are notifications that you can send to a participant or all participants to remind them to submit reviews. Keep in mind, that any participant can be nudged only once per 24 hours.

Updated results views for review creators to show a breakdown of submissions by participants, approving and changing nominees, viewing results of new peers and upward evaluation.


Google Calendar integration now will show the user’s approved leave requests in the user’s calendar. Based on leave type policy settings (if it’s working or not) leave will be marked as free/busy correspondingly. If leave will be deleted or withdrawn event will be removed from the calendar.

Added Teams filter in the Directory filters.


Added new filters to Time to Hire report: Date and applicant level

Recruiters activities report was updated to have a total column per user.

Updated Recruiters activities report having a filter for vacancy status.

Updated Vacancies export to include the number of hired applicants, the total number of candidates, numbers of qualified and disqualified applicants, parent department of vacancy department.

Added tests preview. When a test is created it can be previewed just as an applicant will see it. Time and answers won’t be recorded and won’t affect test statistics.


Added comments to the Planning tab in Project. To view the comment user can click on a record in Planning.


Added Nudges to surveys. Now it is possible to send a reminder to the particular or to every participant if they haven’t finished the survey yet. Nudges can be sent only once every 24 hours and will be delivered to employee work email.

Improved completion progress bar on surveys. The updated progress bar shows not just the response rate but also started (orange) and submitted (green) answers.


Updated design on some pages:
Creating/updating vacancy
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