Version 1.15
Release date: 16/05/2022

You can learn more about new features in our article

Beginnings of new design

New design changes are just the first step in improving user journey. We are looking to improve how the system looks and feels so many features will be getting a new look in the upcoming releases.

- Changed font for page headers
- Updated tables style to have a more distinctive header
- UI of tabs component was redesigned into a more compact and clear look
- Cards elements now have highlighted on hover
- Block style was updated to be more consistent with new design guides
- Some action buttons were changed into alternative colour options.
- “Save” button for pages and forms will be consistently aligned to the right side of the screen
- Newer design for “Are you sure” popup
- Changes in knowledge base design
- Updates to announcements for better engagement of employees into commenting on posts

Survey templates

Added library of survey templates which allows selecting a template for a survey instead of creating one from scratch. As for now, 6 templates are available:

- Gallup Q12
- Gallup Q12 alternate questions
- Engagement index
- Stress Management
- Employee Satisfaction
- Team Performance

Additionally, made changes to the design of the creating survey.

Minimum data visibility and survey introduction are now a part of each survey and can be set directly for them, rather than being selected for all the surveys.

Employee documents v.2

Employee documents are now moved into Legacy documents. Users still can access documents and download them, but no documents can be added to the Legacy section. They can be moved into new documents.

Folders are now created in Settings → Documents → Folders and applied to all employees.

To move existing documents choose the 3-dot menu on the document and click Move to the folder. You can only select folders created across the company.

By default 2 new folders are available: Payslips and Legal. Users with permissions can add a new folder or delete existing from Settings. When deleting a folder all the documents uploaded into that folder will be deleted.

Other changes

- Removed footer to save space
- Settings moved from header bar to sidebar
- API: /api/public/v1/recruitment/vacancies now also have information about the start and end date of a vacancy, applicant level and tags.
- Fixed: Employee fields must have a unique name.
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