Version 1.7.5
Release date: 10/8/2021

You can learn more about new features in our article
Added new functionality: Forms and Vacancy requests.

Introducing a new functionality, Forms. Forms will help the HR routine become more flexible, and HR managers will get a simple resource for communication and approval of any kind of requests from employees and managers.

Forms can be managed for different departments and locations, choosing who will be able to see and send requests. For example, now you can create a form that will only be available to the development department in Kyiv. Forms are created on the Me page in the Forms section or by clicking on the quick button on Dashboard.
The procedure for approving a request is set once in the Settings. You need to go to the Forms section and create an approval template for the required form. You can create multiple templates with different approvers if you have a large company with multiple departments and different responsibilities.

- new Forms screen in Settings to create, edit and delete forms
- new Hiring plan screen with filters in Vacancies to track vacancy requests
- new Forms screen in My dashboard to track your submitted vacancy requests
- permissions to manage Hiring plan screen
- permissions to manage Forms screen
- email and web notifications for Vacancy request submitted, approved, rejected
- slack notification to approver to approve or reject vacancy request

Added Password rules to Security in Settings to select

- minimum length of password (from 8 to 32)
- minimum number of uppercase letters (less or equal to 3)
- minimum number of digits (less or equal to 3)

Refreshed design for following screens:

- all settings
- leave policies settings
- employee fields settings
- integrations settings
- career site settings
- my account
Dropdowns style is now rounded

Career site

- Design improvements
- Photo gallery
- Company description

And other changes!

Added agenda widget to consolidate 1-on-1s, interviews and events in MY dashboard
Added approvals widget to consolidate requests waiting for approvals: vacancy requests, timesheets, leave requests.
Added new “Tasks” report to see tasks statuses and assignees across the company.
Added badge next to the default employee role (Default) to represent to which role new employees are assigned by default

Add feature to General Settings to enable/disable time off functionality, such as requests, balances and leave reports
Added custom field type “Employee” that allows to select an employee from your company to be displayed as a reference in another employee card, for example: mentor, substitute or HR
Added OKRs check-ins for employees to update the progress of their key results available from the quick action menu and OKR page.
Added OKR check-in reminders with different options for frequencies: none, weekly, twice a week, monthly that send email notification and show widget on My Dashboard.
Changed location of the button Add user to a project team
Added the Employment Type filter for Project Planning
Added Private Notes in 1-on-1's PDF file
Added 1-1 notifications to the Bell
Working hours checkbox on leave policy was changed into a dropdown for easier use.
Added Position field to the company Calendar filter
Option to update password for integrated account for ( and
Added preview of the stages to the user when selecting pipeline for vacancy
Changed job description to have section headers by default
Changed Skills to show list of all skills for employees
Add Employment Type to Survey filters
Add to Survey export in XLSX format
Changed task preview to show "associated to" in task view when filtered by "Tasks assigned to me"
Changed logic so users can’t edit already approved timesheets
Added page title name for Schedule
Validation improvements in Surveys, Employee fields
Added colors for objectives widget based on the overall status of objective

API Updates

Updated API to have the tasks closing date and status
Updated API to include custom fields in candidates endpoint
Updated API documentation to have details about external leave policy balances


Fixed: copying objectives to not copy the progress of the key results
Fixed: overachieved key result to not over affect the total of OKR.
Fixed: empty page on opening employee from Assets page
Fixed: poorly displayed Review/Pulse header for Safari
Fixed: showing empty card for HR bots when HR module disabled
Fixed: alphabet sorting of field Region on integration with
Fixed: settings and reports permissions to be in dropdown with multiselect (like skills)
Fixed: missing validation policy level starts on to prevent future levels be chronologically earlier
Fixed: "Remind" button being displayed for users without emails
Fixed: notes not being saved after submitting timesheet
Fixed: assign button being not clickable when assigning new policy
Fixed: export of survey had same answers duplicated
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