Version 1.7.6
Release date: 09/09/2021

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Leave request substitutions and other improvements to leave requests policies

It allows substitutes if the approver is on non-working leave when they receive an approval request. The request is then redirected to their manager, manager’s manager, manager of 3rd line, team lead, department head, specific person or employee reference.

Added option to allow or forbid users to withdraw requests that received at least one approval.

Extended leave approvals to support assigning employee reference field as an approver. If the field is empty for a user requesting leave, the approver will not be assigned.

Onboardings and offboardings now support employee reference fields

Extended onboarding and offboarding tasks assignees to include employee reference field. If the field is empty for a user onboarding task is assigned to, a task will be associated with the user assigning the onboarding.

Updated onboarding web and email notification to include Associated To information.

Cover photos for employee profiles

Updated design of employee profile: now employees can upload their own cover images. In general settings it is possible now to upload a defaul cover image for a company.

Visual improvements to the login page, 2FA page, general settings page.

And other changes!

Improvements to career site: now you can add custom CSS and Head data. This allows users to connect your Google Analytics, change visuals of the site and more.
Added optional Cover letter text box for applications via Career site.
Added support of cover letters from job sites (headhunter,, and Career site.
Improvements to scorecards: now they are not linked to vacancy anymore and users can select which scorecard they want to fill against a candidate. Users can also choose which scorecard interviewer should fill in, while scheduling the interview. Multiple scorecards can be assigned.
Added average scorecard rating for applicant on every scorecard assigned.
Added a new widget to vacancy details screen that shows average scores and evaluations across candidates for the vacancy.
Added an optional time limit setting on applicant stage, that will send a web and email notification if a candidate is in stage for longer than selected.
Added option to copy applicants.
Added indirect number of employees to department and employee org chart. The number is displayed in brackets after the number of direct employees.
Added possibility to view department employees in directory by clicking department’s name in org chart.
Added option to expand to see all employees and all departments in org chart.
Added link field to the Licenses & Certifications in employee profile.
Added support for links in the names of key results. They will open in a new tab.
Added Email and Web notifications when an employee gets a new objective created for him.
Extended employee import to support employee custom fields and LDAP username.
Added option to choose several attachments for leave balance adjustments.
Added salary range and currency to vacancy requests forms.
Added .csv and .xlsx export to Hiring plan page.
Added more details to offer accepted email, such as candidate’s name and vacancy.
Improved Headcount report to have option to select custom date range.
Added ability to delete all links in a candidate's profile with one click.
Added access to editing company links on the dashboard.
Added division field to assets.

API updates
Added vacancy IDs to filter on in candidate API endpoint.
Added API endpoints for resume text.

Fixed: Sending emails for old finished reviews
Fixed: Error on generating candidate's resume
Fixed: Log timesheet button opens wrong page from Time tab
Fixed: Wrong total balance of OKRs in OKRs tab
Fixed: History is not updated after editing leave policy
Fixed: After scheduling the interview with a candidate recruiter does not receive event in Google calendar
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