Version 1.9
Release date: 05/11/2021

You can learn more about new features in our article


Ability to schedule announcements


Added filter by specific employees to mood report
Mood tracking can now be configured to be sent out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Can be made now optional , so users can skip mood tracking
Add direct report count and indirect reporting count for custom reports
Added uncle and aunt to relationship types for emergency contacts
Added average tenure widget to the termination report
Custom reports now have the ability to filter when you create/edit them, so that you will be looking always as a filtered list of employees


Reports: Time to hire report
Reports: Time to fill report
Ability to design and select interview templates
Added disqualified reasons pie chart to the pipeline funnel report
Applicant emails can now add CC/BCC email addresses
Applicant offers, candidates can now reject offers with a reason.
Rebuilt vacancies search with live search, and now you can search by vacancies on custom fields
Applicant cards now show an employee widget if the applicant was onboarded before, and shows the status of the employment
When changing pipeline, now the pipeline states, keep applicants in same stage if the same name
Added company link to the careers site
Applicant salaries for salary distribution graph are now converted to vacancy base currency. Rates updated weekly
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