Below you can find a short instruction for employees to simplify your familiarity with PeopleForce:

Once a week, you will be able to access the mood questionnaire when you log in. To select the desired mood indicator, click on the desired indicator in the range shown in the pop-up window.

When you go to the homepage, you will be presented with the following features:

View available/used days of leave, sick leave, or other time off. Also on this page, you can create a time-off request with the "Request Time Off" button.

When creating a time-off request, the following information should be specified:

Leave Type
Date Range

Also, optional fields to fill:

Note - The reason for time-off may be indicated here
Attachment - Document loading field (e.g., doctor's note)

To confirm the request, click the "Save" button and it will be sent for approval.
You can view such requests in the "Me" tab. You can also view:

My time off requests
Time-off's date ranges
Time-off's status

Also here you can, in case of an error, withdraw a request, if it has not already been approved, by using the "Withdraw" button. Or cancel it if the date of time-off is not yet due.

You can open your request to track the confirmation status. By opening it you will be able to see the whole list of confirmations, comments that are left by confirming managers, and to recall the request if it has not yet been approved.

After all confirming managers accept your request, you will receive an e-mail.

Announcements in the company, birthdays and anniversaries of your colleagues, absent employees, and company links will also be displayed on the home page.

The «Me» tab will contain information about your tasks, time-off requests, and your mood indicators for the last weeks.

You can also find the following tabs:

Calendar - Your personal calendar, which displays company events and your private meetings
Efficiency - Tab that displays your 1-on-1, OKR, and assessment cycles

In the pane above you can find the "Bell" button, clicking on which you will see notifications of different events that affect you.

Also next to "The Bell" you can submit your proposal for management. The offer will be available to all employees and they will be able to evaluate and support your idea.

In the "Tasks" tab you can find the tasks that have been assigned to you, created by you, and your future and completed tasks.

The tasks in this section will mainly look like this:

Here you can leave a comment for the task, as well as mark the task as finished or undo the action.

In the «Calendar» tab you can view events throughout the company, such as:


Information about which of your colleagues is absent from work for any reason can be found in the tab «Schedule».

This page also allows you to create a new event and export the calendar to your Google personal calendar, as well as to an Apple or Android device.

Read more about Google Calendar integration in this article.

In the tab «Employees» you can view the list of employees of the company. You can also view information about your colleagues, their positions and available personal information. When you go into a colleague’s profile, you can find his contact information, see who his manager is, and so on.

Here you can also view the teams:

This tab also provides an opportunity to review the organizational structure by staff member or department.

On your personal page you can find personal information about yourself and add or edit your profile (add information about education, licenses, skills, etc.).

Also in the tab «Time off» you can find all balances of your requests and requests history.

Next, in the "Job" tab, you can view data such as:

Hired on date
Employment status

«Knowledge base» allows you to find the necessary information, which will be there in quick access for viewing and downloading. Here you can search for articles in the Knowledge Base.

In the upper right-hand corner, when you click your name, the following sections will be available:

My info - Clicking on this button will take you to your personal page
Account - Your account settings
Help - Clicking this button will move you to a chat support
Log Out - Logout button

In the account section you will be able to configure the following items:

Time Zone
Password change
Enable two-factor authentication
Integrate your profile with Telegram and Slack bot and connect your Google account

By integrating your Google account with your PeopleForce account, you will be able to send e-mails from your system and save your email history, and easily synchronize all events to your calendar.

Also more information about Telegram bot here and about Slack bot here.

And, of course, you can download the PeopleForce application to AppStore or Google Play, then you will be able to view the calendar, request a vacation, and view your leave balances right through your phone.

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