Organizational structure

This chain (diagram) reflects the organization's hierarchy and composition. There are three categories in the PeopleForce system:

  • Divisions

  • Departments

  • Teams

Fundamental principles

Building a chain of organizational structure is carried out based on departments. These employee lists are not linked. Departments and teams are not displayed in the corporate scheme.

Divisions and departments can be created without appointing employees immediately (for example, preparing for the opening of a new subdivision without hiring a staff yet).

Now in more detail for each category.

Divisions are part of a company that operates within the entire company.

A division can be smaller than a department. The scheme of an organization influences it.

Example: Hewlett Packard has many divisions: printers, portable, servers, etc. All use the HP brand.

Department is an independent structural unit of the company. It can include subsidiary departments (divisions) and reports directly to the CEO, head or department manager.

Departments in the system are units that are smaller than divisions.

For example, you can choose the Finance department to which a particular employee belongs. In this case, the division can be specified as "Accounting".

Additionally, you can create departments and specify their subsidiaries to them, thus, without using divisions and creating a tree from departments.

Team is a method of organizing employees based on their qualities in order to effectively achieve goals.

For example, a cross-functional team working on one project. It can have employees of different positions, types of employment, etc.

Creation of a team is available to the system administrator or an employee with appropriate access.

A team can be built from employees, regardless of which division or department they are listed in. Teams also participate in the vacation confirmation chain.

For example, an employee is in several teams, and in his vacation settings it is indicated that the confirmation is carried out by the team manager. When a vacation request is sent, it will be sent to every manager of the team in which the employee is listed. As soon as the request is confirmed by one of the managers, all the others have the request completed.

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