Building an effective classic Onboarding in PeopleForce: A comprehensive guide

Learn how to create a new onboarding workflow

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📌 This guide is provided for users who are currently using classic onboarding. However, we strongly recommend transitioning to workflows for your onboarding process. With workflows, you can seamlessly integrate them into your New Hire or Preboarding forms, automatically initiating the process when a new employee is added to the system or after they complete the Preboarding form. For further details, click here to learn more.

Onboarding is crucial in welcoming and integrating new employees into a company. It goes beyond mere training and socialization, as it aims to foster a sense of belonging, introduce company values, and establish strong relationships. In PeopleForce, you can create and customize an onboarding program that ensures a smooth transition for both new hires and existing employees. This article provides a step-by-step guide to help you build an effective onboarding process within PeopleForce. Let's dive in!

Creating an Onboarding Process:

To create a new onboarding process, follow these steps in PeopleForce:

1. Go to ''Settings -> PeopleHR -> Onboarding.''

2. Set up the onboarding flow by defining the sequence of tasks and activities that employees will undertake during their onboarding journey.

Tasks in the Onboarding Process:

Within the onboarding process, you can create various tasks tailored to the needs of your employees. Here are some examples of tasks commonly included in an onboarding program:

1. Organizing an office tour and providing necessary work items.

2. Setting up the employee's work email and integrating them into relevant communication channels.

3. Assisting with the registration process for essential applications.

4. Sending a welcome letter and introducing the new employee to communication chats.

5. Facilitating a meeting with the team for introductions and networking.

6. Providing an overview of the adaptation program and assigning specific tasks from the manager.

Creating and Managing Tasks:

When creating tasks within the onboarding process, consider the following steps:

1. Name the task and specify the employee to whom it is assigned. For tasks applicable to all new hires, select "Employee" as the assignee.

2. Determine the number of days after onboarding initiation when the task should be assigned, and set a deadline for completion.

3. Optionally, include a description to provide additional context or instructions for the task.

Creating Child Tasks:

To establish a hierarchical task structure, you can create child tasks that are dependent on the completion of parent tasks. This ensures a sequential progression within the onboarding program.

Example of Creating a Child Task:

1. Identify an existing task that will serve as the parent task.

2. Create a child task linked to the parent task, ensuring it is set to be assigned only after the parent task is completed.


A well-designed onboarding program fosters a positive employee experience and long-term retention. With PeopleForce's intuitive platform, you can easily create and manage onboarding processes that align with your company's values and goals. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can establish a comprehensive onboarding program that sets your employees up for success from day one.

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