Workflows: How to generate payslips in PeopleForce

Learn how to set up a workflow to automize the payslips delivery to the employees every month

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In streamlining payroll processes, PeopleForce offers a comprehensive guide to effortlessly generate and distribute payslips. To get started, follow these essential steps:

Step 1. Create custom fields for payslips

1. Navigate to Settings → Employee fields.

2. Optionally, form a group specific to payslip details.

3. Create payslip fields, like pre-tax salary, tax deduction, post-tax salary, and other relevant entries. Skip basic fields such as department and position, as they're system-defined.

Find detailed guidance in our custom employee fields guide.

Step 2. Proceed to the data import

1. Access Settings → Import.

2. Upload the payroll-based payslip details spreadsheet.

3. Align columns in your spreadsheet with corresponding columns in PeopleForce.

4. Complete the import process.

More details on importing data from a spreadsheet to PeopleForce are in our guide.
You can also add data manually in the employee profile or via API.

Step 3. Upload payslip template

Before starting with document templates, it’s advised to read through our guide on
how to use them and what placeholders are available. Here's how to set up your payslip document structure effectively:

1. Navigate to Settings → Documents.

2. Establish a new folder designated for organizing payslips.

3. Create a fresh template for employee documents.

4. Upload your payslip template complete with relevant placeholders.

If you looking for a ready template, you can adjust this template to your liking. Just
make a copy of the file to start. You can upload your own logo, and add your

Step 4. Create workflow

💡Workflows at the moment don’t have the option to be triggered
automatically on a particular date, but we are working on this functionality.

1. Create a workflow that is manually triggered or triggered on a date. For example, use manually triggered if you just want to try out the workflow or if you would prefer to manually trigger a workflow from every employee profile. Use date if you created and imported something like the next payslip date field for each employee so that workflow can get triggered.
2. Add your workflow steps. As an example, you can add a task to a specific person ( an accountant) to ''Create payroll export'' and import it to PeopleForce if modifications are required.
3. Add a step to Generate the file. Select your template and designate the destination folder for sending the file to the employee
4. Add a workflow step to notify employees via task or email (optionally).

5. Test your workflow.

This applies if your workflow is triggered manually.
1. Open an employee profile where you uploaded the data for the payslip.
2. Click the three-dot menu next to the buttons “Previous” and “Next”
3. Select assign workflow and choose your payslip workflow from the list.
4. Follow the tasks of your workflow and see your payslip being generated.

You can see the workflow in action in this video.

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