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Workflows: Automate your Onboarding process with workflows
Workflows: Automate your Onboarding process with workflows

Learn how to create and integrate Onboarding workflows to the New hire and Preboarding forms

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To establish the automatic initiation of the onboarding process, we highly recommend creating a dedicated workflow that aligns with your company's specific requirements.

In this article, we will guide you through the setup of an Onboarding workflow, which will be integrated into either the New Hire Form or Preboarding Form.

This integration ensures that once a new employee is added to the system or completes the preboarding form, the Onboarding workflow will be automatically triggered.

Let's get into the details:

Step 1: Filling in the trigger details

  1. Give your workflow a name and provide a brief description.

  2. Turn off scheduling since we intend to link this workflow directly to the forms, ensuring it activates immediately when a new employee is added to the system or when the preboarding form is completed.

Step 2. Setting the conditions

  1. In the "Workflow applies to .." field, specify the employees who the workflow will be triggered for. By default, all employees will be automatically selected, but you can filter the ones you need.

Step 3. Filling the workflow with actions

Build a sequence of actions that will be activated once the workflow is triggered.

These actions may include:

  • Sending a Letter: You can send a welcome letter to greet the new employee or notify a manager about the new hire.

  • Sending a Welcome Letter: Automatically send an invitation email to the new employee to access the system.

  • Generating a Document: Configure the system to generate specific documents, like a job offer, and store them in the employee's profile document folder.

More details on generating documents are in our guide.

  • Create a task. Set up tasks to create accounts for the new employee in platforms such as Google, Slack, or ClickUp. You can assign these tasks to different team members. Notifications about these tasks will be sent to all involved parties within the system and via email.

More information on how to create a workflow can be found in our guide.

Step 4. Integrating the Onboarding workflow

Once the Onboarding workflow is designed:

  • If you intend to initiate the workflow immediately when a new employee is added to the system, incorporate it into the New Hire form. More details on creating the New hire forms are in our guide.

  • If you want the workflow to begin immediately after the new employee completes the fields in the Preboarding form, include it in the Preboarding form. More details on creating the Preboarding forms are in our guide.

By following the steps outlined above, you can create a customized onboarding experience that aligns with your company's unique needs and requirements. From sending personalized welcome letters to generating essential documents and setting up accounts, workflows streamline the entire onboarding journey.

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