Onboarding (adaptation program)

This is the process of introducing a new employee to the company, which helps him/her to feel the values and culture within the team.

It is not just training and socialization of a new employee. Properly built onboarding will show the newcomer maximum involvement in getting to know the team and will lay the foundation for retention and good relationships.

To create a new onboarding process, you need to go to Settings -> PeopleHR -> Onboarding.

After creating the onboarding flow, you must go to editing and create tasks for it. Onboarding will be created as a chain of tasks for employees, and can be assigned to both a new employee and an employee who already works for the company.

Examples of tasks

Can be used in this process for either the employee, the employee's supervisor, or a specific person.

Organizing a tour of the office, issuing necessary work items

Creating a new employee's work email and adding to general chats, messenger channels

Registration in all necessary applications

Greeting in all communication chats (welcome letter)

Arranging a meeting with the team

Introduction to the adaptation program and tasks from the manager

When you create a task, you need to name it, select the employee assigned to it (if a task is created for each new employee, you just need to specify "Employee"). Select how many days later he gets the task, and by what date it should be completed. You can also add a description to the task.

Example of creating a task for a specific employee in the system

Creating child tasks

If you want to build a continuous task tree, you can create a child task to an existing one. The task will be sent only after the parent task is completed.

Example of creating a child task:


You can assign onboarding to an employee in two ways:

When creating a new employee

Go to Employees -> click "Add" in the upper right corner. Fill in all mandatory fields, as well as the necessary fields for onboarding assignment (onboarding attack, supervisor, onboarding process)

In the created employee card, the Onboarding block will appear, where you can keep track of all existing tasks - both for the employee and for other people.

Via the employee card

Go to the employee card and click the three dots in the upper right corner. Select the "Assign Onboarding" option and assign the desired one from the list.

Note, if you assign a process to an employee who has been working in the company for some time, the task will be counted from the date of hiring. For this, you can create several processes for different groups of employees.

To make it easier to keep track of all employees who are onboarding, you should go to "Employees" -> "Onboarding" widget

If you have not yet assigned onboarding to an employee who has a future hire date, it will be displayed in the Onboarding widget, under Employees. This will simplify your assignment processes and keep you informed of who else to assign the process to.

After one day from the date of hire, the employee will be removed from the general list if onboarding has not already been assigned to him.


After the onboarding is assigned, the responsible employees will receive a notification in the mail when the task is started. Below is an example of the notification the employee will receive in the mail.

If a task starts in 3 or more days, the notification will come the day before it starts. Letters about tasks that are already overdue will not come in the mail.

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