Below you can find a brief instructions for employees to get acquainted with the PeopleTime module

PeopleTime is a module for reporting on projects, as well as tracking the time spent on a particular task on the project.

If you are assigned to a project, you have two options for filling in the timesheet.

1. On the left side of the dashboard, go to Clock In - Add a row - select the project and tasks. After that, you need to indicate how many hours on which day you plan to work and send your timesheet for approval.

The person responsible for approving the timesheet in the system is the project manager.

2. The second option to fill in the timesheet is through your own profile - tab Time - Log timesheet.

Then you will be redirected to the report card filling page.

- The timesheet can be filled on a weekly basis as well as on a daily basis. If you fill out the timesheet each day, you will have the opportunity to run a timer under each specified task to get everything done in time.

- All completed timesheets that have not yet been sent for approval to the manager can be viewed by clicking on the Clock In tab on the left panel - Unsubmitted.

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