Microsoft Authentication

Learn how to set up login via Microsoft account and credentials

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⚠️ Available with any of the following subscriptions: Standard or Professionnal packages

For authentication settings, you must have "Administrator" access rights or have access to "Authentication" 🔒. Contact your account administrator to learn more about your access rights.

Setting up a login by Microsoft account and credentials

To select the type of authentication you want, go to Settings > Security > Authentication. Go down and select one of the available authentication options located in the Single Sign-On (SSO) Provider section. In our particular case, we choose Microsoft Authentication.

Once Microsoft Authentication is connected, when logging in the employee will have a choice: enter your email and password or login by selecting the "Login via Microsoft" option by clicking on the desired account.

Set up Microsoft account login

To allow employees to log in using only a Microsoft account, you must, after selecting Microsoft Authentication, check the "Enforce SSO login" box below and save the specified settings.

You now only need your working Microsoft account to access the system.

📌Important! If an employee is denied access when attempting to sign in using Microsoft, they should contact the Microsoft Business 365 administrator to grant access for the PeopleForce application in the security settings.

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