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How to generate a document in the employee profile
How to generate a document in the employee profile

Learn how to create document templates using placeholders and generate them in an employee's profile.

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⚠️ Available with any of the following subscriptions: Standard or Professional packages

Users of the PeopleForce system have the ability to create documents directly in the system. This makes it possible for companies using PeopleForce solutions to fully transition to digital exchange and signing of all documentation.

How to generate a document in the employee profile

To generate all necessary documents, you need to go to the employee profile in the PeopleForce system. There is already a familiar "Documents" tab, click on the "+ New" button, and select "Generate from template" from the list of actions. This feature allows you to create various documents, such as contracts, applications, job offers, and others, based on previously created templates.

After generating the document, it will be available for viewing and downloading in the employee profile.

How to create document templates in the system

You can create templates of necessary documents in settings using fields automatically pulled from the employee's card, such as their name, position, or hire date. Placeholders allow you to generate documents with up-to-date information from your employee's card.

To generate the template document you need, go to "Settings -> People HR section-> Documents."

On the page that opens, click the "Add" button to upload the ready-made document template in .docx format. After that, a pop-up window will appear, in which you need to fill in the "Name" and "Description" fields. In the "Template" field, you should upload the required document in .docx format, and then save the entered data.

The document template you uploaded with a complete list of available variables will look like this:

📌 After you upload the file to the system, you will not be able to edit it online. If you need to make changes, edit the document on your computer and then upload it to the system again.

Employee field placeholders

Placeholders allow you to generate documents with the current information from your employee profile using the content of a document template. You can create a document template by uploading an existing .docx file from your computer.

The following placeholders may be used within your document templates:


{{date_full}} Current date in format “Sep 21, 2023”
{{date_day}}.{{date_month}}.{{date_year}} - Current date in format “21.9.2023"

Employee placeholders

{{employee.full_name}} - Full name

{{employee.first_name}} - First name

{{employee.last_name}} - Last name

{{employee.middle_name}} - Mіddle name

{{employee.employee_number}} - Employee ID

{{employee.date_of_birth}} - Date of birth

{{employee.gender}} - Gender

{{}} - Email

{{employee.personal_email}} - Personal email

{{employee.mobile_number}} - Mobile phone number

{{employee.work_phone_number}} - Work phone number

{{employee.hired_on}} - Hired date of employee
{{employee.probation_ends_on}} - Probation end date of employee

{{employee.position}} - Position

{{employee.division}} - Division

{{employee.department}} - Department

{{employee.location}} - Location

Manager placeholders

{{manager.full_name}} - Full name of employee's manager

{{manager.first_name}} - First name of employee's manager

{{manager.last_name}} - Last name of employee's manager

{{}} - Email of employee's manager

{{manager.employee_number}} Manager employee ID
{{manager.middle_name}} Manager middle name

Employee custom field placeholders

Custom fields from employee profiles can also be used as placeholders. Using them is quite easy.

  1. Navigate to "Settings -> PeopleHR -> Employee fields". Find the field you want to use as placeholders. Click on the Edit icon on the custom field you want to reference in your file.

2. Copy the internal name of your field. It will be right under the name of your field.

3. Use structure {{employee.internal_name}} to address your field. As an example, our field Insurance start date will have the following structure - {{employee.insurance_start_date}}.

Use them in your document templates.

⚠️ Custom fields that contain files can still be used, the placeholder will be replaced with a file name.

Example of generating a document in an employee profile

To see how this works, let's create a job offer for an employee from a document template. In the employee profile, go to the "Documents -> +New" tab. In the menu of actions, select the option "Generate from template".

Select a folder and document template from the drop-down menu.

After a few seconds, a .docx file will appear in the folder, which will be merged with the employee's fields. This file can be viewed or downloaded as needed.

Thanks to the ability to generate documents directly in the PeopleForce system, companies using this solution can fully switch to digital document exchange and signing. This will help optimise workflows and reduce the time it takes to process documents.

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