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Employee skills import
Employee skills import

A quick guide how to import employee skills

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The import functionality supports two file types: .csv and .xlsx. Before you upload a spreadsheet, make sure that all cells contain correct information so that the system could process it. Refer to the template provided below, if you need an example.

✨ You can download the file (template) here in the .csv and xlsx formats.

System fields and how to fill them in

Before uploading a table to the system, you need to fill in all the fields correctly. You can find an example of how to fill in the fields below:

Mandatory fields are bold:

Employee ID - Employee ID (The ID of the employee can be his employee number at the company or a sequence number in this document).

Skill - employee skills

Level - employee levels

Importing data into the system

  1. To start importing employee skills into the system, go to Settings -> General -> Import.

⚠️ If you can’t find the ‘Settings’ and the ‘Import’, this is very likely that you don’t have access to it. 🔒 If that’s the case, then address this issue to your system administrator.

2. Select Employee skills import, find the desired file, upload it to the system and click Next.

3. Once the spreadsheet is uploaded, you can verify if all fields were imported properly. If some fields were not automatically recognized by the system, make sure their names are correct, or specify the correct field manually.

⚠️ The system supports automatic validation of imported data. If the imported data has incorrect format, it will be colored in red.

Track file upload history

Users can view the history of all uploaded files within the Import menu. Furthermore, the system provides important details on this page such as the number of imported or updated employees, and also the number of errors.

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