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If an objective is set for an employee, then he will receive a notification within the system through the bell 🔔 or by email. 📩

In case you need to change the objective progress, navigate to Me - Objectives tab, then select and modify the required objective.

Every objective may have sub-objectives or subtasks, and usually major objectives are created by a manager. These objectives are split further into smaller ones and assigned to employees. Employees can view progress details inside sub-objectives that affect the parent objective.

When an objective is created, it is important to select the progress format, which may be reflected as percentage or the number of points. Also, you have to set up the corresponding objective status: On Track, Behind, At Risk, or you can leave the objective without any status.

Additionally, you can disable the ‘Automatic Roll-Up’ functionality, which allows preventing sub-objectives from affecting the target percentage of the Parent objective. It will help to avoid distortion of data when progress format is selected as percentage.

Only your account administrator can enable or disable the “Automatic Roll-Up” functionality. In case you are an administrator, navigate to Settings - General and scroll down to the PeoplePerform section. Here you can enable the “Automatic Roll-Up” and “Aligned Objectives”.

By clicking the arrow on the right side of the objective, you can view the progress goal:

📌The objective can have only one owner, and thereby only one owner can close it.

If an objective is not closed in time, then you receive an email notification.

Furthermore, the objectives progress is available within the following menu Me - Overview.

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