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How to rehire an employee or revert the termination
How to rehire an employee or revert the termination

Learn how to rehire the employee in two methods

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In some cases, employees who have been terminated can be rehired again and the system will store their job history in a dedicated Timeline and Lifecycle widgets. This could happen for various reasons: an employee may choose to leave the company voluntarily and then decide to return later due to personal circumstances or changes in their situation.

Alternatively, an employee might be terminated due to temporary factors such as downsizing or restructuring, only to be rehired later when the company's needs change or new opportunities arise.

Let's explore two methods for rehiring employees in the system:

Rehire from the Directory

1. Navigate to the Directory and utilize the ''Terminated employees'' filter for quicker access.

2. Select the desired employee for rehiring.

3. Under the Actions menu, choose the Rehire option.

4. In the pop-up window, select the New-hire form.

5. Update all necessary data and click the Save button.

6. The employee's account will be reinstated, and their job history will be displayed in the Timeline widget.

Rehire from the PeopleRecruit module

1. Access PeopleRecruit -> Candidates and locate the desired candidate.

2. Click on the candidate's card and select the three-dot icon.

3. Choose the "Rehire employee" option.

4. In the subsequent pop-up window, opt for the New Hire form.

5. Review and update all required information before clicking the Save button to finalize the process.

Once the rehire process is finalized, you will be redirected to the employee's profile. The Timeline widget will display the history of all changes in the employee lifecycle.

Important note: When rehiring an employee, all settings selected in the New Hire form configurations will be triggered. This means that items such as leave policies, workflows, pre-boarding forms, and others will be automatically assigned or activated accordingly.

Timeline widget

No more hunting for information across multiple tables - now, everything you need is conveniently located in one place. The Timeline widget provides a comprehensive overview of significant events in your team members' employment histories. You can track when they were hired, completed probation periods, changed positions or locations, were terminated, or rehired, all in one place.

If the hiring date of an employee is upcoming, the timeline widget will also display scheduled changes.

Lifecycle widget

The new Lifecycle table enables users to store each hire and termination date for the same employee. By clicking the Table icon, users can access records detailing previous termination dates, types, and reasons. Administrators have the ability to edit these records directly within the Lifecycle widget.

Revert the termination

You can cancel a termination by selecting the "Revert termination" option under the Actions button. Cancelling a termination will remove the current termination details and move the employee back to the Employed state as if termination never happened. This option is helpful to revert accidental termination.

Revert (cancel) termination vs Rehire

If you need to undo an accidental termination, utilize the "Revert employee" option. This action will remove all details of the current termination from the system. However, if you intend to rehire the employee and retain their complete employment history within the system, opt for the "Rehire employee" option.

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