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How to create an employee in the system
How to create an employee in the system

Learn how to create a new employee profile and send a welcome letter to a newcomer

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There are three methods for adding a new employee to the system:

  • Using Quick Add: This feature allows you to swiftly create a new employee profile with essential details.

  • From the Directory: To begin, click the "Add employee" button located in the upper right corner of the directory.

  • From a Candidate's Card: If you have a candidate you wish to convert into an employee, go to their candidate card and click the "Onboard as employee" button. This enables you to create an employee directly from the candidate's profile.

To create a new employee in the system follow the next 3 steps:

Step 1. Create a new employee profile

  1. To start creating an employee, navigate to the Directory, then click the Add employee button.

  2. The system will prompt you to use the default form for creating a new hire. In the open form, fill in all the necessary fields. Keep in mind that mandatory fields are indicated and require completion.

  3. Once all the necessary information is filled out, click the Next button. This data will be seamlessly transferred into the new employee's profile.

Step 2. Send the invitation to the employee

  1. In the newly created profile, click on the three dots to access a menu of options.

  2. Choose Send welcome letter from the menu.

  3. Confirm the sending of the invitation.

Step 3. Assign Admin rights to a new employee

  1. Navigate to the "Roles and Permissions" section within the "Settings" menu.

  2. Locate and click on the "Administrators" role.

  3. On the opened page, you will have the option to assign admin access to the system. This means that an employee with these rights will have the ability to use all the functionalities of the system.

  4. In the "Who is assigned to this role?" section, you can add the specific employee by selecting their name from the drop-down menu. Save the changes.

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