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How to set up mood tracking in your system?
How to set up mood tracking in your system?

Learn how to set up mood tracking in your system

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By tracing the regularities and dependence of mood on certain tasks and events, you will be able to communicate more competently with subordinates and make plans.

For example, the team was working on a difficult project with a very tight deadline and this led to fatigue of some of the participants. As a leader, with mood tracking, you can keep your finger on the pulse and switch to unplanned 1-on-1 to prevent team burnout.

Beginning of work

To start working with this section, you must activate the "Mood tracking" field in the "General" settings. Here you will be able to select when the employee will see the mood tracking window:

  • Weekly

  • Every 2 weeks

  • Start of every month

If necessary, the field can be made Required by ticking the appropriate box.

If enabled, employees cannot continue using PeopleForce unless they submit their mood. Otherwise, they can skip to be asked next time.

Ready! From now on, when authorizing an employee will see a window with a range of emotions from 1 to 5, and a field for a comment, which is optional.

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