Overview of the Pulse module

Learn how to set up your Pulse for effective use of all its features in your daily work.

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In the «Surveys» section, you can create a survey for the whole company or some group of employees. But before you start we need to set up the paremeters of the segments, drivers and scales.

Setting up the segments

If there is a need to allocate a group of employees to a certain segment, by which you later want to review the answers, go to the Settings > Pulse block > Segments. Select a location, department and/or division and name this segment group. Based on the answers of employees from this segment, it will then be possible to make a separate filter and, for example, compare it with another segment.

Setting up the drivers

Drivers of employees engagement are factors, that directly affect the general indicator of employee engagement and loyalty. They can change under the influence of other parameters, both for the worse and for the better.

They allow identifying problem areas and positive aspects in personnel policy, HR strategy, corporate culture and in general in business. Also, with their help, you can roughly predict stuff turnover, employee care, a change in their attitude toward the company, or stability in this matter. As a result, knowing the drivers of engagement makes it possible to adjust strategic tasks and change tactical ones in order to effectively manage not only personnel, but also the company as a whole.

Setting up the scales

The system already has several rating scales that you can choose when creating a survey, but also you can create your own.

Here we set the classification of answer levels on a 5-point scale, depending on which questions you will ask later ( 1 - is the most negative option, and 5 - is the most positive option).

By default the system also has its own answer templates ( you can choose them at the stage of setting up the questions themselves).

😉At this point, we recommend you proceed to the creation of your own survey. All the necessary information can be found by the following link.

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