In the «Surveys» section, you can create a survey for the whole company or some group of employees.

Settings of parameters Segments, Drivers, Scales

Go to «Settings» – PeoplePulse block.


If there is a need to allocate a group of employees to a certain segment, by which you later want to review the answers, select a location, department and/or division and name this segment group. Based on the answers of employees from this segment, it will then be possible to make a separate filter and, for example, compare it with another segment.


Drivers of employees engagement are factors, that directly affect the general indicator of employee engagement and loyalty. They can change under the influence of other parameters, both for the worse and for the better.

They allow identifying problem areas and positive aspects in personnel policy, HR strategy, corporate culture and in general in business. Also, with their help, you can roughly predict stuff turnover, employee care, a change in their attitude toward the company, or stability in this matter. As a result, knowing the drivers of engagement makes it possible to adjust strategic tasks and change tactical ones in order to effectively manage not only personnel, but also the company as a whole.


The system already has several rating scales that you can choose when creating a survey, but also you can create your own.

Here we set the classification of answer levels on a 5-point scale, depending on which questions you will ask later ( 1 - is the lowest score, and 5 - is the highest). By default the system also has its own answer templates ( you can choose them at the stage of setting up the questions themselves).

Survey creation

Now go to Surveys on the menu bar on the left and select Create Survey.

You can use built-in the system survey templates or create you own questions.

General information

Name the survey, choose its language, indicate whether it will be anonymous, customize the subject and the content of the email that all participants will recieve when the survey will be published (your employees will get an email with a link to the survey).

Results anonymity – minimal number of responses, that needed to be collected (in an anonymous survey), so they can appear in the Comments tab and you can see and analyze them.
Survey introduction - here write a message that participants will see when they click on the survey link.

Save survey as draft.

Launch plan

Enter the start date and the end date of the survey. Also, to get a high response rate, you can add a reminder for employees who haven't responded yet.

It is recommended to set reminders in the middle of the survey and closer to the end- for example, on the last day.


Currently it is possible to add questions from ready-made template or create your own questions.

Among the ready-made survey templates in the system are the following:
- Stress management
- Employee satisfaction
- Gallup's Q12 main
- Engagement index+engagement drivers
- Gallup's Q12 alternative
- Team performance

If you have chosen a ready-made template, in the Questions tab you can view and edit existing questions, change the scale of answers and set up comments, choose the driver by which a specific question is evaluated.

If you choose to create your survey in the previous step, write your questions in the Question tab.

You can create 5 types of questions:

  • Rating

  • Single select

  • Multiple choice

  • Text

  • Net Promoter Score.


By default participants include all company employees. In this tab, you can choose a group of employees, to whon you want to send the survey. Use flezible filters to assign a survey.

At any stage of the settings you can choose Preview before sending the survey. When everything is ready- press Publish.

Employees will get invitation email with the link to the survey or notification to Slack- bot, if integration is launched. Also it will be available in Me-Overview.

Analyzing the results

You will see the results in real time when employees will start answering. Every survey can be exported to CSV/Excel/PDF formats.


This tab will display answer statistics and the total score for all questions.

You can set the folowing filters to view the answers:

  • Department

  • Devision

  • Position

  • Location

  • Employment type

  • Genders

  • Ages

  • Tenures

  • Segments


We check which colleagues have not yet answered the questions and can send them a nudge.

Currently, it is not possible to view the answers to all survey questions fro each employee separately( in non-anonymous surveys). But there are statistics of answers for each question.


Information about how many participants have sent the answers is collected here. We can see which drivers are tracked for which question and the presence/absence of comments.

Clicking on each question we can see its statistics.

You can also check the answer statistics for each question separately using the Segment filters. They help to understand which departments and employees are more satisfied than others, especially if the company is large.

Score grid

Here are the answer statistics in table format. You can choose a department, and in it choose a certain possition and see how your employees reacted. All filterd can be combined to expand the data for analysis.

You can also see answers on questions and comments, if employee wrote them, for each question you create. All comments can be exported to CSV/Excel format.

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