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Creating a survey from scratch
Creating a survey from scratch

Learn how to create and launch a survey

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Surveys allow to efficiently collect honest feedback, opinions and responses from employees, and use that information to improve operations, reduce employee turnover and improve the level of communication between the managers and employees.

With the PeoplePulse module, you can develop new surveys or use templates of existing surveys for any company purpose.

Creating a survey from scratch

Navigate to the "Surveys" section on the menu bar and select "Create from scratch."


  • Provide a name for the survey and select the language.

  • ✔ Enable anonymity if desired.

  • Allow back navigation for participants to revisit and modify their answers.

  • Set up the email template for the survey invitation.

  • Set the minimum number of responses needed to view results (recommended default: 5).

  • Craft a compelling survey introduction message.How to create a survey from scratch


  1. Sections:

    • Create different sections to organize your questions.

  2. Question types:

    • Choose from 5 question types:

      • Rating: Answer options in a range from 1-5.

      • Single Select: Choose one option.

      • Multiple Choice: Choose several answers.

      • Text: Written response in a text box.

      • Net Promoter Score: Scale from 0 to 10.

  3. Adjustments:

    • Customize answer scales, enable comments, and select evaluation drivers.

    • ✔ Mandatory comments can be marked.


- Default participants include all company employees.

- Choose specific employee groups using flexible filters.

- Preview the survey setup before publishing.

Launch plan:

After saving the draft, set up a launch plan:

- Specify start and end dates and times.

- Optimize response rates by adding reminders, especially in the middle and closer to the end.

Publishing and access:

- Click ''Preview'' and ensure everything is set up correctly.

- After preview, publish the survey.

- Employees receive invitation emails with survey links or notification in the the system.

- Access the survey in the ''Me > Overview tab.''

Completing a survey provides employees a channel to express their voices. It's a vital tool for identifying and preventing issues early, contributing to continuous improvement in employee engagement.

Done! 😉 Conducting surveys is a proactive approach to understanding your workforce and fostering a culture of openness and responsiveness.

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