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Getting started with Core HR
Getting started with Core HR

Detailed information on the Core HR module usage for employees. 😊

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Upon logging into the PeopleForce system through an invitation, you will be directed to the Home section, where your company's announcements and short surveys will be published.

Occasionally, you may receive a mood survey 😊 when logging in. To participate, select the option that reflects your current mood, and if desired, leave a comment to inform your colleagues of how you are feeling. This will allow them to reach out if necessary 🦸🏽‍♀️. However, if you prefer not to answer, you may simply ignore the survey.

Birthdays widget

The Birthdays widget displays a list of all employees whose birthdays fall on the current date. This information we have in employees' profiles will also be listed in the Company's Calendar (if enabled in Settings).

To-do's widget

In the To-do's widget, tasks assigned to you will be presented. You can complete a task or go into it to view the details. If you need to take any of the surveys, here you will find a link to complete them. If you're a manager, this widget allows you to view and take action on leave requests from your peers, giving you the capability to approve or reject them directly from this widget.

Who's out today widget

The next widget on the Home page is Who is out today. This widget displays a list of all employees who are absent on the current date. This section includes only approved leave requests, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the displayed information. To view all those who are currently absent or will be absent on future dates, click See all.

Leave balances widget

The next widget is Leave Balances. All leave types that are assigned to you will be displayed here. Any employee can request a leave from this Home Page, or his/her Personal profile.

Important functions in the page header

You can set up your profile by clicking your name in the toolbar and selecting the Go to my profile button from the list.

The Account settings allow changing the interface language, time zone, security settings as the 2FA, and also you can add integrations.

It is possible to use the regular functions available right from the shortcut menu, that can be activated by clicking the ➕Quick add button.

You can also easily 🔍 search your colleagues by their first name, last name, email or employee ID.

Bell 🔔 - This interface element helps to keep track of important notifications associated with your account. ✅

Ideas 💡 - This widget allows sending proposals to your company, that will be reviewed by managers. You can also see ideas proposed by your colleagues.

Me section

📌 The view of this section depends on your account subscription.

The Overview tab provides information about your current tasks, submitted leave requests, etc.

📅 The calendar within the Me section is different from the system-wide calendar, and it helps to keep track of all events linked specifically to you.

If you manage employees, then you can see their submitted leave requests in this menu as well.


📝 To access your tasks, navigate to the My tasks section. This section sorts your tasks by status: To do, Created, and Completed. To mark a task as completed, simply click the ✔️ Complete task button. Once completed, the task's assigner will receive a notification to their 📩 email. If you created the task yourself, you will not receive any notifications.

Additionally, in the Completed tab, you have the option to reopen a task by clicking the 🔄Reopen task button. This action will be saved in the task's history.


📅 The calendar highlights all upcoming events in the company, and those are celebrations, vacations, and planned leaves of your colleagues. Filters can be very useful if you want to find specific events.

Leave timeline page

All employees who are on leave will be displayed in one convenient location within the Calendar tab, simplifying the process of tracking and approving leave requests for HR managers.

Approved leave requests are now filled with colour, while leave requests that still need approval are not filled. This means that at a glance, you can quickly see which leave requests have been approved and which ones still need to be reviewed.


👩‍💻🧑🏻‍💻 The Directory section provides access to profiles of all employees working in your company. Each profile contains personal information, allowing you to learn more about your colleagues. Additionally, you can utilize filters to easily find specific employees based on your search criteria.

The Teams tab, located in the upper right corner, allows you to explore all the existing teams within your organization. By accessing this section, you can view the list of teams and the employees who are part of each team, facilitating collaboration and team-based communication.

The Org Chart tab offers a comprehensive view of your company's hierarchy. It enables you to visualize the complete organizational structure, including departments and reporting relationships. You can utilize filters to focus on specific departments or individual employees within the organization, gaining a better understanding of the company's structure and relationships.

Knowledge base

Here you can find useful user guides 📙 and general information that managers have created for you 🤓.

📌Assets, reports and settings sections are optionally available for employees. In case you need these sections, contact your account administrator.

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