In this material, you will find detailed information on the PeopleHR module usage for employees. 😊

The first step

After logging into the system through an invitation, you will be taken to the Home section, where you can see announcements and short surveys published by your company.

Sometimes when you log into your account, you may receive a mood survey.😊
Choose the option that suits you, and if you wish, you can leave a comment so that colleagues are aware of how you feel. And if something happened, they can contact you if necessary.🦸🏻 🦸🏽‍♀️

You can also ignore this survey if you don’t want to answer.

On the left side of the screen, you can see the Upcoming birthdays section that shows birthday dates.

A little lower, you can see another panel called Who's out. It displays the absence of colleagues for the current day/ for next 3/7 days

In the toolbar at the top of the page, you can find many useful things.

You can set up your profile by clicking your name in the toolbar and selecting the Go to profile button from the list.

The Account settings allow changing the interface language, time zone, security settings as the 2FA, and also you can add integrations.

It is possible to use the regular functions available right from the shortcut menu, that can be activated by clicking the + icon.

You can also easily search your colleagues by their first name, last name, email or employee ID.

Bell 🔔 - This interface element helps to keep track of important notifications associated with your account. If you want to mark notifications as read, you have to click the corresponding checkboxes.✅

Ideas 💡 - This widget allows sending proposals to your company, that will be reviewed by managers. You can also see ideas proposed by your colleagues.

Me Section

The view of this section depends on your account subscription.

The Overview tab provides information about your current objectives, KPIs, surveys, tasks, submitted leave requests and so on.

The calendar within the Me section is different from the system-wide calendar, and it helps to keep track of all events linked specifically to you.

If you manage employees, then you can see their submitted requests in this menu as well.


Tasks are divided into 2 sections
My Tasks
Manage Tasks

In the Manage Tasks section, you can create a new task by clicking the + New Task button and add important details to it. This menu also sorts all tasks by status, To do and Completed.

The My Tasks section also sorts all tasks by status To do, Created* and Completed**. Here, you can mark the required tasks as Completed by clicking the Complete Task button.

When a task is marked as completed, the person who assigned the task will receive a notification to their email. In case you created the task, then you will not receive any notifications. Furthermore, in the Completed tasks tab, you can reopen a task by clicking the Reopen task button. This action is saved in the history of the task.

Working with the PeopleHR module


The calendar highlights all upcoming events in the company, and those are celebrations, vacations, and planned leaves of your colleagues. Filters can be very useful if you want to find specific events.
In the Schedule section you can see detailed information on work days, weekends, holidays and leaves of your colleagues presented in the table view.


In the Directory section, you can view profiles of all employees that work for your company! Every employee profile contains personal information.

Furthermore, you can find the required employees by using filters.

The Teams section (accessible if you have access) is available in the upper right corner. Here you can see all existing teams and employees who are part of them.

The next tab is Org Chart, which allows you to see the complete hierarchy of your company and information by department.

Users who have access to the Assets section can create company assets, manage them and view what assets are in use.

Knowledge Base

Here you can find useful user guides and general information that managers have created for you 🤓

Reports and Settings sections are optionally available for employees. In case you need these sections, contact your account administrator.

What you can see in your profile? 🤔

In the profile settings you can add your photo, check your details, get information about your manager or employees that you manage, see teams and your position in organization structure.

You can edit your profile information in the Personal panel if you have corresponding permissions.

In case you want to change your personal details and you don’t have permissions, then contact your administrator for further assistance.

The Job tab provides detailed information on the current position, employment status and compensation.

The Time off tab shows leave types available for you, and also the history of your requests. In the very bottom of the History panel, you can find the number of accrued or used leaves.

To view your documents navigate to the Documents tab. Note, that this tab can be unavailable due to your permissions.

The Tasks tab can help you find all completed or active tasks by keywords.

If you click the More button, then in the dropdown menu you can find the following options:
Assets - the list of company assets that you use.
Emergency - contacts of your relatives and friends, with whom your colleagues can contact in case of emergency (viewing such contacts is configured by the administrator);
Children - here you can provide information about your children

If your account has access not only to this module, then we recommend reading about other articles that we have.

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