PeopleForce Prospector gives you the ability to automatically fill in information about candidates you find on the Internet. This option is still available on several sites: linkedIn, Djinni, Dou, Github and from the response page.

More details about what is automatically added to the table:

How to add a candidate

If there is no a required site among those listed, autofilling from them will not work, but you can still add a candidate manually.
In order to add a candidate, it is necessary to fill in only the "Name" field. In addition to the name, you can add mail, phone number, upload a CV file, select a source, vacancy, and a note for your team.

After filling in the fields, click on the "Create" button. A candidate will be added to your system, and you will immediately see their profile in a new tab.

How to avoid duplicates

There are two options for checking a duplicate, if a candidate has the same first and last name or a link to LinkedIn, then it will be immediately displayed when you open the extension.

If a candidate does not have a link to LinkedIn, or their full name is written in a different way, then when sending their card, the system will check whether their mail, phone number or CV file matches those already existing in the system, and if there is one, it will display their name on the screen.

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