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Efficient project reporting with PeopleTime: A step-by-step guide for employees
Efficient project reporting with PeopleTime: A step-by-step guide for employees

Detailed information on the PeopleTime module usage for employees 😊

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📍This version of the PeopleTime project management module is no longer available for sale to new users. It remains accessible exclusively to our existing users who continue to use this product.

PeopleTime is a powerful module designed for project reporting and tracking time spent on specific tasks within projects. Here's a brief guide to help employees get acquainted with the PeopleTime module and streamline their time-tracking process. If you are assigned to a project, you have two options to fill in the timesheet:

Option 1: Filling timesheets from the dashboard

1. On the dashboard's left side, click "Clock In."

2. Add a new row and select the project and tasks you are assigned to.

3. Indicate the hours you plan to work on each task for the specified days.

4. Submit your timesheet for approval.

💡 Your direct manager approves timesheets.

Option 2: Filling timesheets from your profile

1. Access your profile and navigate to the "Time" tab.

2. Select "Log timesheet" to proceed. This will direct you to the report card filling page.

Time tracking tips:

Timesheets can be filled on a weekly or daily basis.


Tracking unsubmitted timesheets:

To view completed timesheets pending approval, click on the "Clock In" tab on the left panel, and go to "Unsubmitted."

By utilizing the PeopleTime module effectively, employees can efficiently report project progress and accurately track their time spent on tasks, enhancing productivity and project management within the organization.


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