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Detailed information on the attendance tracking for employees 😊

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With Time, employees can effortlessly track their working hours and manage attendance with just a few clicks. The system provides a comprehensive view of all visits on a single screen for a specified period, simplifying attendance tracking and management.

As an employee, you have several key functions:

  • Access Clock in tab: Track your attendance and view all worked and remaining hours.

  • Use Clock in and Clock out button: Activate your time tracking, pause during breaks and clock out at the end of your working day.

  • Submit timesheet: At the start of each month, you can submit your timesheet for the previous month, ensuring accurate record-keeping.

  • Use the Autofill button: Use the Autofill button to automatically fill in all past dates if employees did not track their attendance daily.

Let's dive into the details to explore how these features can streamline your attendance tracking experience.

Easy ''Clock in'' and ''Clock out''

With a simple click on the Clock in button, employees can activate time tracking when they start their workday. They can also pause the tracking during breaks and Clock out at the end of their shift, making the process hassle-free.

Enhanced ''Clock-in'' tab

The Clock in tab provides employees with a user-friendly interface to view their tracked time. They can conveniently check their tracked hours in a calendar or list format. The system automatically calculates expected hours based on each employee's capacity, as specified in their profile. It also tracks work and break hours, and if an employee takes leave, the Leave hours widget displays and calculates it accordingly.

Remaining hours widget

Employees can easily keep track of their remaining work hours with the Remaining hours widget. This widget accurately calculates the remaining hours by subtracting the tracked work, break, and leave hours from the expected hours. It provides employees with a clear overview of their remaining workload for better time management.

Submitting your timesheet in the "Clock in" tab

At the beginning of the month, you will have the option to submit the timesheet for the previous month. To submit the timesheet, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Clock in tab in your time-tracking system.

  2. Locate the Submit button, typically located in the upper right corner of the tab.

  3. Click on the Submit button to submit your timesheet.

  4. Once submitted, the widget will change to indicate that your timesheet has been successfully submitted. It changes the status to "Submitted".

Autofill entries

If the employee forgets to log their hours, no worries! They can simply click the "Autofill" button in the Clock in tab, pick the time period they worked, and hit Apply. This will fill in all the past dates, but the future ones won't be filled out.

By leveraging the Time module, employees can effortlessly manage their working hours, breaks, and attendance, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. This tool is designed to simplify time tracking and enhance productivity for everyone.

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