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The benefits of pre-employment testing and how to create a test
The benefits of pre-employment testing and how to create a test

Learn how to create a test to evaluate your candidates throughout the recruitment process

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Pre-employment testing is a valuable tool that helps mitigate the risk of poor hiring decisions. It is more effective than assessing candidates on the job during a probation period. By implementing pre-employment tests, you can evaluate job-critical skills, competencies, communication abilities, cultural fit, emotional intelligence, integrity, and more.

To create your own pre-employment test, follow these steps:

Step 1: Accessing the test creation

In the Recruiting section, navigate to the Tests tab and click "Add test." Fill in the required fields, such as the "Title" and "Description." Use the "Description" field to provide all necessary information about the test, including its purpose and conditions. This information will be visible to the candidates after receiving the test assignment email. Additionally, you can specify a time limit for completing the test, if applicable.

Step 2: Crafting questions

Choose the desired question type from the drop-down list, such as "Single select" for questions with one correct answer from a provided list, "Single checkbox," or "Single-line text" for detailed answers.

For example, if you select the "Single select" question type, click the Add question button and enter the question in the ''Question'' field. In the ''Value'' fields below we specify the answer options for our question. You can tick those answers that are correct and will be taken into account for the score that you specify in this question. Although multiple answers may be correct, candidates can only select one in the "Single select" question type.

You can create various types of questions based on your needs. Additionally, you have the option to upload your own files, such as images with graphic tasks, when creating a question.

Step 3: Saving and publishing the test

After creating the test, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. The test will be saved as a draft version. Before publishing, you can preview the test and make any necessary edits.

Once you are ready, publish the test. It is now ready to be sent to candidates for completion. You can analyze the results once the candidates have taken the test.

🎉 Congratulations! You have created a pre-employment test that can provide valuable insights into candidate suitability for the position.

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