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Learn how to utilize the Home Page's features and resources

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Upon logging into the system, the Home Page is the initial landing page for employees, providing a comprehensive overview of relevant information and resources.

''Birthdays'' widget

The "Birthdays" widget displays a list of all employees whose birthdays fall on the current date. This information we have in employees' profiles will also be listed in the Company's Calendar (if enabled in Settings).

To view upcoming birthdays, simply click on "Birthdays." Within the Upcoming Birthday widget, use the right arrows to navigate and see employees' birthdays approaching in the nearest dates. This feature allows you to easily scroll through and stay informed about upcoming celebrations within the team.

Widget "To-do's"

In the To-do's widget, tasks assigned to you will be presented. You can complete a task or go into it to view the details. If you need to take any of the surveys, here you will find a link to complete them. If you're a manager, this widget allows you to view and take action on leave requests from your peers, giving you the capability to approve or reject them directly from this widget.

Announcements and polls

Located at the centre of the Home Page, you will find the announcements and polls. Administrators or employees with certain permission can create a personalized news feed, utilizing various filters to determine who can view the announcements. Users have the flexibility to attach multimedia files such as videos, documents, presentations, and images, and even create tables. Access permissions can be managed through role settings, ensuring appropriate visibility for each announcement.

It is also possible to notify your employees by email and Slack (if they have Slack Bot enabled).

Employees can leave reactions or comments on the announcements posted.

Scheduled announcements can be edited by either the admin or an employee with the appropriate rights to manage announcements as defined in the Roles and Permissions settings.

The ''Leave balances'' widget

The next widget is Leave Balances. All leave types that are assigned to you will be displayed here. Any employee can request a leave from this Home Page, or his/her Personal profile.

You can select different leave types, date ranges, and additionally leave a note. The request will be sent to the employee who is responsible for approvals. All approvers can be chosen in Leave Policy Settings and assigned to the team.

It is also possible to request not a whole day, but a half day or several hours (depending on the policy settings).

The ''Who's out today''

The next widget on the Home page is "Who is out today". This widget displays a list of all employees who are absent on the current date. This section includes only approved leave requests, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the displayed information. To view all those who are currently absent or will be absent on future dates, click "See all."

The ''Quick add'' access

On the right side of the Home Page, you will find the "Quick add" access, which provides convenient shortcuts for performing various tasks. Depending on your role permissions, you can use this widget to request time off, create new employees, candidates, and tasks, or submit suggestions. etc.

In the ''Quick add'' you can write your idea and post it for review by HR and management. The ideas can be viewed by clicking “View all”. You can vote for other ideas from your colleagues, see who posted it and leave a comment.

Quick search

''Quick search'' allows you to search for employees using their name or personal ID; also (if access is enabled) you can search for candidates via Quick search.


At the top, you can see the Notifications bell icon. Here you will see all the standard notifications PeopleForce sends employees about their Leave requests approvals, announcements posted, tasks, etc.

The ''Company links'' widget

''Company links'' are usually used for employees to quickly access important web pages, documents, educational information, the company's social media or the company's open vacancies.


Is there a possibility to edit the scheduled announcement?

Yes, you can edit the scheduled announcement.

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