Leave requests Import Into PeopleForce

A quick manual on how to import leave requests into the system.

You can download the file (template) here in the .csv and xlsx formats.

The Import functionality supports two file types: .csv and .xlsx.

Before you upload a spreadsheet, make sure that all cells contain correct information so that the system could process it. Refer to the template provided above, if you need an example.

employee_id - Employee ID
leave type - Name of leave type
date - Requested date (in format DD.MM.YYYY)
amount - Number of request days (might be 0.25/0.5/1)
comment - Note that will be transferred with the request

All columns besides 'Date' should be marked in plain text format.

Please, note if you want to import several days, it's needed to divide the request by days in each raw. For example, if an employee submitted a leave from 24.11.2022 till 26.11.2022 each day should be correctly pointed in the template:

Please, note that if your leave type is counted in days it's needed to put '1' in the amount and if your leave type is counted in hours it's needed to put '8' in the amount.

Let's consider 'Vacation' as a leave type by days and 'Sick leave' as a leave type by hours. In case you need to put not a whole day, but just several hours or part of a day.

Before importing, make sure that leave policy is assigned for employees.

Once the template is done - go to the Settings - Import - New import. Select type 'Leave requests' and select a file from your PC.

Then click next and map all fields with the same meanings.

And the next step is to confirm the selected rows.

After the import is done - you could see all the statuses or errors if there are some to fix them.

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