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Learn how to subscribe to PeopleForce

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Subscribing to PeopleForce is easy 😉

⚠️ Please note, that in PeopleForce you have two payment options: you can either add a card or choose the invoice option.

How to Subscribe

When you are ready to subscribe to PeopleForce after the trial period, you need to go to the Billing section in your settings. Select the modules you want to add by the "Change modules" button and click on the "Subscribe" button below. Enter the name of the company, the email you want to receive invoices to and the address if necessary on the right window.

To add the billing details, the user should have the permission to the Billing section and be a user of the platform.

In order to add billing details, the user must have both the appropriate role permissions for the Billing section and an active user account on the platform.

How to change your billing address

After subscribing, an invoice email will come once a month to the email address of the user who added the payment card. If you need to change the email to which you want to receive payments, you must change it in the profile of the employee who added the card. Or this employee can go to the Billing section and change the email.

How to change a payment card

If you need to change the payment card, you go to Billing section, in the bottom window with the linked card click "Add credit card" enter data and then specify it as the default card (clicking on "Make Primary"). After that, if necessary, the old card can be deleted.

Where I can see data and subscription changes

In the ''Invoices'' window you will see all your charges for the last time. It will show the amount and the date of charge, and also here you can download the invoice file for the required period.
✨ If your subscription has changed, the current subscription amount will be displayed here.

In the ''Account Status'' window you can see the current subscription amount and the date of the next charge.
✨If for some reason your payment was declined, please, contact the support to resolve the issue and do re-charge.

Enjoy PeopleForce! 😊

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