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Terminating employees in PeopleForce: A step-by-step guide
Terminating employees in PeopleForce: A step-by-step guide

Learn how to terminate the employee, edit the termination data or how to activate the employee after termination

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The process of the employee termination

To terminate an employee through the system, go to the employee page, click the menu with three dots in the upper right corner, and choose ''Terminate employee'' from the list. In the new window specify the last working day of the employee, the type and reason for termination. Additionally, you can write a comment on the termination record.

Managing subordinates in PeopleForce after employee termination

In PeopleForce, if an employee has subordinates, the system will present a list of these employees and offer several actions upon the employee's termination:

1. Do not specify a new manager for subordinates from the date of termination.

2. Specify a new manager for the employees.

3. Leave the current manager for subordinates after his/her termination.

Recording employee's last working day

After saving the record, the employee's card will display crucial information about their last working day. It's important to note that this termination data will only be accessible to the system administrator, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for other employees.

How to edit the termination

If you want to edit the termination date or the reason, go to the employee's card and click on the information under the employee's image.

Important! Once the employee's last day of employment has occurred, the user will lose access to the system and can no longer log in to their account.

Where to find a terminated employee

After the last working day, you can find a terminated employee in the Directory section by selecting the "Terminated" filter (if you do not have access to it - contact your account administrator).

Restoring terminated employees

If you have mistakenly terminated an employee, had a change of decision, or rehired the individual, you can easily restore their profile in the system. Simply go to their profile, locate the employee under the "Terminated" filter in the database, click on the three dots in the right corner, and select the "Activate" function. The employee's profile will be reinstated and listed among the company's active employees.

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