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Skills. Adding skills for employees and candidates
Skills. Adding skills for employees and candidates
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Skills are abilities that describe you as a specialist in a specific field and demonstrate your level of proficiency with the necessary tools for your position. Many skills can generally be divided into hard skills (technical skills) and soft skills (interpersonal skills).

Hard skills refer to specific knowledge, abilities, and competencies directly related to performing specific tasks or using specific tools, technologies, or methodologies. Examples of hard skills include programming, web design, data analysis, and proficiency with specific software or tools.

On the other hand, soft skills encompass personal qualities that contribute to effective communication, collaboration, and personal development. Soft skills include leadership, communication, time management, teamwork, creativity, and adaptability. These skills are essential for successful teamwork, interacting with colleagues, career development, and achieving personal and professional goals.

In the PeopleForce system, skills can be added for both candidates and company employees.

Adding skills for employees

Skills for company employees can be added through the "Settings" menu, under the "Core" section, and then "Skills." Click on "Add" and specify the skills important for various positions in your company.

Furthermore, the employee or HR manager can add the relevant skills to the employee's profile in the "Personal" section. Here, the proficiency level for each skill can also be selected: Interested, Basic, Proficient, Expert.

In the future, employee search based on skills can be conducted through the "Directory" menu on the left-hand side, using the advanced filter. Add a separate search filter for skills.

Adding skills for candidates

Skills can be added to a candidate's profile. This can be done manually after uploading the candidate's resume or automatically using the Prospector extension for Google Chrome.

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