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Setting up alerts: How not to miss important events in your company
Setting up alerts: How not to miss important events in your company

Learn how to set up notifications for important events in your company

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Alerts are a way to additionally inform employees about events in the company or actions of other employees.

Navigate to the Settings and find the Alerts tab. In this section, you have the option to configure essential system notifications, select the preferred delivery method (email or web notifications represented by the "Bell" button 🔔 in the upper right corner), and specify the recipients.

Steps to set up alerts:

1. Select the type of alert you want to receive.

2. The Alert settings menu opens.

3. Give the alert a name.

4. Specify where you want to receive these alerts: in the mail or in the system. You can select both options at the same time.

5. In the "Applies to the following employees..." field, specify the employees for whom you want to receive these notifications. All employees will be automatically selected, but you can filter the ones you need.

6. In the ''Who receives notification..'' field, select the employees who will receive alerts from the system. You can select them from the lists. If you need to select all employees, you can do it faster by setting all locations with which your employees are connected, or by departments/employment types, etc.

7. Some settings may have an additional field "Number of days before". Here you can specify how many days before the event you want to be notified about it. This applies to events that depend on a specific date (for example, birthday, anniversary, last working day, etc.).

Receiving the alerts

After performing the action specified in the notification, you will receive an email with information about it if you have chosen to receive notifications via email.

If the notification is automatic (about holidays, the first working day of an employee, etc.), after setup the alerts, you will receive them on the specified dates starting from the next day in the morning.

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