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Deleting demo data and adding the leave types
Deleting demo data and adding the leave types

Learn how to delete demo data and add new leave types

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⚠️ Available with any of the following subscriptions: Standard or Professional packages

The system comes pre-configured with four default types of leave:

- Annual leave

- Sick leave

- Work from home

- Without pay

While you can view these as examples, we highly recommend deleting them and creating your own absence types tailored to your organization's needs.

Leave type adding

To add a new leave type, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the "Leave Policies" section.

2. Click on the "Add leave type" button.

3. Enter the name of the policy.

4. Choose whether it will be tracked in days or hours.

5. Select the appropriate icon and color for the leave type.

After creating the type, proceed to creating the policy. This involves establishing rules for accruing leave time for employees.

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