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Managing 1:1 meeting types
Managing 1:1 meeting types

Learn how to manage 1:1 types in the settings

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1:1 types serve to categorize different types of appointments or meetings within the system. They help streamline the scheduling process by providing clarity on the purpose and objectives of each meeting, ensuring that discussions are focused and productive.

Managing 1:1 types

By default, the system provides preset types, which you can review, edit, or delete according to your preferences.

Creating new 1:1 type

To create new 1-on-1 types, navigate to "Settings" -> "PeoplePerform" -> "1:1 Types". Click on the "Add" button to create a new type, and enter the appropriate name for the appointment.

Utilizing types in meeting scheduling

When scheduling a meeting, make use of the available meeting types, which benefits both the organizer and participant by providing clarity on the meeting's purpose and allowing for better preparation. Moreover, if you need to review the details or notes of a past meeting, the chosen types will expedite the search process, as each meeting displayed in the sidebar will be categorized by type.

🤝 So, take the time to create different meeting types and watch as your team's communication and collaboration improve!

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